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Gio Gonzalez denies illicit involvement with Miami PED clinic



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Tue, 12 Feb 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com my father ready made -- use his patient here and legitimate patient. And that that is you know my father guy's been around them for all South Florida all of baseball knows my plausible truck full of baseball it's. Says hi it's -- everyone of us on. I'm the best of us like to say amino and I have no clue why my name was on the list I don't want this to be distracted as a team. I don't want any of this to be a bum knee it's again it's about two organizations plus team together. This addition definitely distractions. Never taken performance enhancing drugs and and I never will so. I'm actually pretty excited about this year you know we've got some great guys and from the outcome of what I'm hearing it's a their rotation should be answering taser you are there days you -- -- the same thing as I'm getting. You know we're. It's time to move forward trying to look at the positive. You know we got a great organization this you don't look at the bright side what's new faces. You know it's it's a lot of things are going to an -- things just aren't changed now you know them joining the WBZ classics. Seniors spring training seeing some familiar faces you know it's it's it's pretty exciting now it's -- to feel like I said he's trying to move on. Gonzo was acquired by the that's almost fourteen months ago on a trade with the days he was an all star for the second straight year in 2012 as he helped lead the nets to their first playoff appearance. Any finished third in the Cy Young. Voting he's now they speed bump since being linked to an alleged -- eat eat clinic. Let's not head down to -- Florida and while the men are nationals insider mark Zuckerman mark good to see you -- cameras. Not love to interview GO today but if you were there what was his mannerisms like. You know it's unfortunate the cameras weren't allowed by the nationals because I think it would helped. That showed just how relaxed -- was he was his usual self. Happy joking around both with teammates for some fans with us even during the course of the interview I think he was very much at ease. And trying to show that he has nothing to hide here and that he truly believes he's done nothing wrong has no connection. To this clinic and that is can ultimately be exonerated by Major League Baseball. So winning isn't expected then in order to speak and try to cameras. Well you know it's a good question I mean the Mets didn't want to put in front of their today they'll make him available to talk for. Baseball subject I think in the future unfortunately I'm sure the subjects can come up again. Had just kind of the way it is and he's gonna go off to the World Baseball Classic. In a couple weeks where there's going to be a whole new and media said of national international media and I'm sure it's gonna come up but. I really think he wants to move past this and he's certainly as -- -- the clip doesn't want this to become a distraction for himself for for his teammates. Based on the way he projects himself today I don't think it will be. Yeah I do think he will have to feel some questions when the TV crew and media it does finally get their chance to interview him thank you very much -- and don't go anywhere because are some other pitchers. We're talking about such as when Stephen Strasburg we will be your take on him. A little bit later in the show mark Zuckerman live from there. CSN Washington dot com.

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