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Table Manners: Len Bias was the best that Walt Williams ever saw -- including Jordan

Wed, 13 Feb 2013|



CSN Washington dot com. Yeah well yeah. It just seems like you've never seen them before table manners. Coming out of cross I don't recruit and obviously. Highly recruited actually. So again at Villanova and welcome. Sure yeah. You know what I'll have a lot of family and Carolina's Dean Smith you know I am -- -- me you know those those great coaches man they really. Almost waved me away but I -- man handle all the women since the one to be Len Bias. And it was I want to play your final home and friends how good was land. I mean he's -- He was the greatest player to have ups and play. Better and yours and yet it's yet to me because the skill level and Jordan. Acquired over time I thought he had he had already. Part of the ability to be able to shoot and create some space to really create his own shot and consistently shoot that in between jump shot. I think Doug -- develop that over the over time. -- emergence as Lenny was physically. -- their -- man I'm guessing it's -- -- scorer she's here. And Jordan was -- come -- ask -- he obviously got bigger as a pro but what if you put it you know an NBA weight program on landing. Three or four years and he would have been a beats so you wanted to be bias Maryland you wanna be a man. Yes I did I wanted to be back up so that he had a not only influence alms join the -- about it wade dominate I just thought that like in my neighborhood Kool no we would you tell all your friends. And until we saw him embodies then all of a sudden you start seeing it hurts and it's all -- little -- -- -- -- that I will affect. Not just going out there and put up numbers but. He changed the neighborhoods you know you know he was involved -- -- stopped there -- that shock -- you yes it was definitely shocked how shocked were you when you heard the news of his passing and that's one of those moments at least for me. As a kid because were -- -- mania that you knew exactly where you were when you heard the news and a half. I -- as -- is still kind of didn't hold the deal would you know you know this is. You know like -- years later. This is. I mean I got a feeling right now and in my mind here right now talking about him yeah you only found out I was home I was sleep my muscles woke me up. And Amanda crowd and they like it was a family member you know I just love that guy. Well I remember when it when he died. Yeah it didn't know there was drug related yes and they say yeah heart attacked us there because I'm a hypochondriac and I wind -- my heart -- Well and have a heart attack right behind him and I. With the basketball camp -- the math of fast for him to come academy. And I think the news broke he died early that morning but really early in the morning and we were at camp at 7:38 o'clock this afternoon start circulating and people were devastated -- I was -- and I'd love what advice he was gonna through bird. You just it is fine coming up I would add a year is I mean Andy is on -- -- you know that limited that. With that much talent to zero to check whether. Or not it's not that old. CSN Washington dot com.

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