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Caps finally break through on the road

Wed, 13 Feb 2013|



CSN Washington dot com. Any game you face. There's going to be at some point you're gonna find adversity sometimes the faith in -- and the way of bad bounces and weird bounces and the capitals were over able to overcome those and. It will normally when you have all these bad bounces you lose the game and the capitals persisted all game long was a huge character win for the team for it other things haven't gone so well the first twelve games of the season. And you look right off the bat watch Jon -- in front of the net that puck goes off his skate yet to -- a pair tonight. But as for the Florida Panthers. And then here look at the balances that hits the Panthers a few times that puck was bouncing all over the place this. If you've -- -- stick by accident that he reaches back and actually tap block he shot at him but you know what -- they had the bounces going their way it all came along. And that's the most funky goal ball. It hit. Hopefully walker into John Erskine double and daughters can. Bombs that want to look at this that the pitchers can and the overnight when you hate being a defenseman. What does what does he do wrong he had such a great start last few minutes tonight he's hit some minus those on all the bad bounces. Little juggling in front of them out there I'll Alexander best we showed him -- tussle there was Versteeg little bit -- awhile ago fifth straight game with a point for -- What do you like so far we've seen. Well he's figured out how to play the game defensively and he's doing a lot of good things right I love when he hits is my favorite part of his game but I am in the end of all of us. My fellow NFL. Well they weren't standing up for himself but this is important to his teammates. Then you've got to do that and he got to push people back. Getting this shot you know we and wonder about the bounces -- the balance that we thought that be in the net for that crossed back crosscourt shot from there and just a matter of getting warmed up. And he's getting shots through to the net -- on the ice faceoff. Just power through it doesn't matter where they actually show that what was going through the full inning today no matter what. And a -- but what what we thought this game was in the books they've -- the for a Panthers so. You -- a lot from tonight what are you feeling. What they've got to start feel that things are going their way in and they did beat the Panthers back to back put this thing going to Tampa Tampa's been struggling out. And and rather than going into games expecting the worst they had the worst tonight and they found a way to persevere and get the win. And they just kept pushing for pushing forward to that got to go make a statement at Tampa. And they're they've got to get their way back you know they're still inching back to 500 it's going to be a battle. -- by the 24 game of the season hopefully they have at least point four points. CSN Washington dot com.

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