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Keith Gill's journey to Richmond

Wed, 13 Feb 2013|



CSN Washington dot com. Our oil was the first African American to play football in the ACC when he attended the University of -- because of men like hill and Bobby Mitchell the first for the Redskins. The doors of opportunity opened for others. Both on and off of playing fields in fact University of Richmond athletic director Keith Gil has walked right through that door to pursue his goals. Key skills journey to the University of Richmond actually started when he wrapped up his football playing days at Duke -- -- talked to. Some coaches about potentially being -- GA. Those kind of things I just -- being on the administrative side. It was a better fit for me I could touch force students I didn't touch more people than in 2007. Keith was named director of athletics and recreation. At American University. After five successful here today you he was tired at the University of Richmond last December the great thing about Richmond is we've got a great story to tell. He'll get great academic institutions. -- we got great athletic to be really competitive and successful. I'm in a best programs in the sweet 162011. NC tournament. 20102010. Title. Football one national championship in 2008. Last year we were CAA champions you know arguably the toughest -- CS conference in the country. You know we were champions of their conference if you like your team is good since you turned to last three years so if you look at the quality of our programs just -- what we've got a good -- itself. Keith Gil doesn't wanna be thought of as a TrailBlazer. He just wants to carry out a mock draft of his parents. And in doing so maybe that can inspire others. -- the group in South Carolina during Jim Crow. You know -- they didn't really have access to formal education. And as they seem kind of you know race relations in the United States progressed. They've always said to us and also say you have got a brother and sister and an older brother and sister and you guys can do anything you want to. No hum so don't be limited by anything can go in there and done. And I really kind of believe that you know I mean that's something that they you know -- probably good you know. Single biggest influence on my life. And though and I certainly know what they went through to do it education and governor stressed enough if you get an education you can do whatever you want. CSN Washington dot com.

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