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Caps are looking to battle back in the standings



CSN Washington dot com. We'll try to Brower put away the game winner just 32 seconds into overtime for the caps it seems like. He closed the show pretty quick right well that's actually the fifth time in the last five years the caps have scored a goal 32 seconds or fewer. Into overtime and just try to play the wind get it over and they just went through. The capitals now four wins on the season and a half of those courtesy of the Florida Panthers. For the cast of also scored eleven goals in two games vs Florida. After not having scored more than three in any game this season. The most important for the cats are the most important number for the caps rather. Is -- as in the number of points they got for the win. Two points is two points we've -- unions were given away two points and now it's our turn now to battle back and get those two very important points. You know the way we did I think is very encouraging to be your -- are still a lot of the time but this time it was -- An ugly looks. You'll be good bounces guys going and I had new York and affairs -- going. Those are the ways and you score those goals and and not how we get -- You know back in the Kansas those guys work hard you know ferocious. Certain pros. Bryant had a great night tonight and and that's that's what we're gonna continue winning games this. Just perfect for us and -- it says it's it was a huge game division game. That's a good boost for us we know we're playing better and and it's a matter keep pushing like this and this just shows character for us. CSN Washington dot com.



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