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Welcome to your special Valentine's Day edition of capitals net presence I'm Kelly -- And joined by my dear friend. JP. Welcome to pay pay pay. -- they say it takes to you in the immortal words of Marvin getting JT so where we're losing the guest today and it's Jesse Witten I have. Prepare for some good stuff are so the capitals -- three games four points out of those two games the last three games. And lose I don't know onto Wednesday ping and they right the ship. I think there's a lot that they're doing better right now I mean let's be honest that their four wins on the season right now or against that's pretty terrible Buffalo team. For without Thomas Faneca pretty terrible Philadelphia team and then two against a pretty terrible for the team so. And let's say and lesson until they beat somebody here at least play competitively with a mediocre team I think it's a little early to say that everything's headed in the right direction. That said you get two good wins. Over Florida there are a lot of positives come out of it. That penalty kill the was fantastic. And both games power play was very good in the second game. -- -- the big come from behind road victory first road win of the year so there's a lot of stuff to build on but there's a lot of buildings still be done. They're certainly has and the other thing about it four points out of three games and to witness however. There's no consistency here we had you know just to complete blowouts in Pittsburgh lost and then follow it up with a really strong performance. At home and then they go down to Florida and again it looks like there about people another building now it could -- Saddam for the comeback but. Seriously there's not enough there to make me believe that the ship has been right -- now. Another thing that we've seen in these last three games is a huge huge step forward by -- and seven points in the last five games. And three goals in his last three games he's streaking just like the caps are on their team in streak. Are you confident that a batch -- is turning things around and playing the way Adam Oates once -- I think he's. -- not better the thing I look at without -- redskin is his shot total and that's. Didn't back up he's back over four over that seven game stretch yourself. Close to five shots again I think. And that that's really a can tell when he's going great guns is when he's getting the shots he finally got that even strength goals for this one. And about fourteen games and long history he'd ever gone without an even strength goals so. He's adjusting to the right wing he's learning. How to how to play that position. And feed off from Mike Ribeiro and I mean all signs right now are positive -- out of -- -- if he keeps pumping the puck like he is. The goals are gonna keep coming. One thing that doesn't seem to be going in the right direction however or any direction JP is the goaltending now we saw a goalie change. On Thursday when Michael went for it allowed two goals and of course at notes then went double -- -- he has had the job ever sense. He had a huge game on Saturday but of course -- performance in Florida doesn't make me any more confident at the goalie position that I was previously. That Brady Harvey was very good Saturday night he even had his moments he never gave up five goals. In the game in Florida. Some very good save some very he's victimized by some very poor defensive coverage -- defense scrambling missing assignments on my. And he wasn't necessarily blame but that said yesterday better Michael -- got to be better it looks. Mike -- and hope he's gonna have a longer leash at the coaching staff really wants him to take this position and run with that even -- Whoever had those that five game string earlier in the season so. He's got to be better that teams leaving their -- a little more exposed than they had been under. Under on dale hunter for example. And you're seeing some of the results of that he's got to be better Michael lever it's -- a better they have to be better at that position if they want. Any hope. How do you lean always seems that Adam Oates is leaning on that green hoping being the number one goaltender you know riddance. Michael my birthday very close second to that but how do you lean JP is -- the more talented net -- I don't know about talent. Necessarily I think it's just going to be whoever's playing well and whoever's got the hot hand or in the closest thing to a Luke -- hander whatever they've got at this point. I wouldn't wet myself tied -- one of those guys right now the way that they're playing. Luke warm hand I'm not confident. Our rights of the big question this time around especially a lot of pressure on George McPhee rate and whether or not the caps will be buyers or sellers at the trade deadline. Years past they've had very very quiet trade deadlines. With -- there -- so hot though and his you know he's only on a one year deal right. So there's a huge question whether or not they resigning him or use him to meet you bring something else and JP if it was on you what do you do -- In it it's a really tough question I think that Mike Rivera or addresses. A need it's been. Actually gaping in this organization for years upon years. And that is as a second line center it's a position that's become even more important. With nick Baxter's concussion history. From last -- do you really need a second line center who can. Stepped in and your first line center for an extended stretches. And did some happens to Baxter. In -- -- that guy you don't want to have to go looking to try to find that guy again. That said he is on the last year of his current deal he's 33 years old he's prior got one chance left to hit a home run in that. Free agency so it's not going to be easy to to re sign this guy and the team should be. Realistic about what they're short and medium term. Prospects are and he's at peace could fetch a significant return. And help sort of restock their coverage this got a little better. And your right JP they need to know where they're going with this season because ribeiro obviously hot right now but who knows how long he'll stay hot and he's one of the top functioning pieces on this offense again this offense is only produced four wins so. I think a lot of what they do with ribeiro will have to be. Whether or not they want to plan for the future whether or not they wanna win right now and it's like I said they're not winning right now so with that in mind. Do they make the playoffs this year are you more confident than you were last week. I'm more confident better and certainly not confident yet that this team as a realistic shot at the playoffs that probably have to win three out of every five games going forward right around 60% of total points available to them they've got. Put in the bank. And it doesn't sound. Insurmountable you know 567. Points whatever it is to make playoffs or possibly win the Southeast Division. That's. One point every 56 games that they have to make up over their competition. But the math gets hard and it's it's hard already. This -- not a team that. Is giving me any indication that -- -- go win -- in every five games for us the way. But this team has shown in the past that they do have that ability to perform under pressure when it comes down to the wire this wouldn't certainly wouldn't be their first year. Having to. Win a number of games and earn a number of points just to make it into the playoffs and then as last year showed us anything can happen once they're in the playoffs this team was a very strong team. Once they got there and anybody that gets and can go -- around so you know I'm still a little bit hopeful but it's. They're not showing enough quite yet in these past three games we'll have to see as the season goes forward. JP thanks for joining me today thank you it's pretty special -- Spending that do it again I. I mean we'll see you next time -- capital and present here and it's awkward two years and I never regretted it and view it. -- It's going to be nice of him but we did but. Special Valentine's Day rotation especially around and -- addition I don't feel it operated on me -- penalty area and. Nothing at all soccer about that. CSN Washington dot com.



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