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Redskins Nation: Rich Tandler on Steve Sabol and the combine

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In Washington dot com. Redskins nation presented by -- cap -- Larry Michael earlier. I spoke of the event I went to. Up in Philadelphia the tribute to Steve sable that was last night of course you longtime NFL -- And obviously Steve passed away and he will be missed but what are your fondest memories and what are your thoughts on an -- little. So I'll tell you that the memories from NFL films. Today they go back a little further into the -- really sticks in my mind is the great shots they got a John Riggins. Touchdown run in in the Rose Bowl there in invincible -- team that the Redskins won. They just got -- on the course they they bring in the radio call -- it in the hole. The whole thing in the horn blowing is -- -- again Vegas facial expression one down there that's really you know that when you bring bring up medical. At the -- the -- line importance of music do you. The music that they Mary -- -- that he all I had to the -- of the of the music -- play a play that way but that there -- -- the -- -- -- to wake -- up pretty good stuff. You know but worse off the call by next week and as I mentioned tar heel this year will be. Traveling with us to Indianapolis for the column by the before we focus at all that you guys have been doing a series on the roster Macias at Washington dot com. And a couple of names came up all of that series like you recall who wrote what that you guys I mean you're right twenty pieces today I think he bobbled it but -- every -- came up as an unsung hero told me what your thoughts are about reed's contributions in 2000. A -- he did he did a lot on special teams like mainly that was parked car that's mainly. What he focused on. He was -- behind element Alexander Kent special teams tackles you know he's -- that every team needs a few guys like him he'll he'll do everything you know. Maybe he's not -- in -- and the best starting safety in the league that you that you want to put in it. But it's like every area as upstart and 81012. Games is that safety. And you know sometimes -- Just like any defensive back and it felt some time to get burnt I think because of that. You know I think becomes a kind of whipping boy for the fans sometimes but they want against Seattle played one of the best games I've -- -- to play in a long time so. The strength is up in the line making tackles you know. Guardian. Running backs coming out of the backfield and those type of but -- positions you know you don't you don't want him as your last one that's what I mean he's got districts and look at what else you know has got some weaknesses but. At the running back position you evolve over the so many times there were Gulu. Will ultimately. He added into the mix how how the Redskins approached free agency how they approach. The draft knowing you've got a second year running back into. Third year running backs do you spend the -- right. I don't think you do again I certainly think that -- Alou will will make it back is that they need a running back they need. That's like I'd call this -- Somebody you can be out there on third down catch passes. Making big plays for you. That that is -- you lose those are his strength is not an every down running back that's probably not you know not not where it should be but certainly at Alfred that. Haven't where should give him a break. And then the third down situations you know that that third and 73 minute when these wanna be -- put the past somebody let him make one move to get to that first down. Think Roy -- could be that guy they don't seem to be that guy. I think you look for somebody like that fourth or fifth round or as a bargain created. Rich kids have yet to announce a new wide receivers coach in in time this economy the runaway shortly American wanna have that I -- place for the draft or free agency learned the current roster. And then put his two sets then -- Ichiro -- -- do it. But the special teams coach was announced what are your thoughts on. I take out of it and talk about it Mike Shanahan guy you know. He figured -- -- -- that's what he likes to do when there's an opening you know there's somebody out there but you know played just a special team you know there. There Lorenzo Alexander only he's he played for for ten years and it. What I like is though he's left he left the Broncos twice during his group went to Seattle. I think to Chicago. Both times he came back the next year so obviously there was something there that he liked some what is Shanahan was always Wellington to bring back. Made him an assistant special teams coach when he for I believe his last two years in Denver right the end them the -- came -- Peary the bottom awards though. You'll like that he's younger he's forty years old. You know might bring it certainly can't bring much more fire and enthusiasm in that Danny Smith did that may have made some different ideas they're always looking at things. About personnel. Cut or bad obviously pretty darn good kicker very accurate so Brock got free agent. Return position here Richard Crawford came -- -- deal last year would you got a new coach. Is that return position kick off returner punt return up for grabs your opinion. Yeah I'm I'm sure they'll be competition for it I think Crawford did a good job -- he might. He could get don't go in there as the incumbent that somebody would need to beat out. But I'm churning is not giving him the job at all miles all being handled the kickoff judgment that don't -- They'll they'll bring guys in in and let -- go at it. Good stuff man. What's on your agenda next wake -- me and obviously get you geared geared up for the Columbine that me up. Yeah really gonna start digging into the draft some I've really been trying to focus on free agency a lot that's package that comes worst. And it's what you get -- free agent you don't really know what you're looking for the draft to get free agency so. That will be it will be flipping around looking at some guys that that TARP will be talking to and I'll be tracking it -- CSN Washington dot com.

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