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A lot to love this Valentine's Day



CSN Washington dot com. Well there's been a lot to love about sports in our area harper RG three electrifying the capital the Orioles making Baltimore baseball town again. Until Ravens made title town fan don't love the fact that there could be more titles headed our way. All DMV sport is how do we love me. Let us count the ways. Love it is in the air and I told you all along I love this season and while -- region may not have let Kevin Love. Mora Bobby Valentine. And they're certainly has been plenty of love on the local sports scene as a late. From RG three and his well that's the the Redskins nation -- -- get knocked anybody don't tell us now would start a phenomenal like that -- Bryce Harper's love of five black. Johnson and where I just want to whereas -- following on the case from John Wall love of the game. From coo Lotta guys named it Luna playing on the court -- -- friend to a lovely call from Steve (%expletive) It doesn't have to be February 1 half -- it's a rock the red. While in College Park traditional red has been replaced by something very nontraditional. Now look can mean different things to different people in Blacksburg and love -- enter sandman on a Saturday night. Do. You. VCU it's March Madness with Shaka Smart on the diamond it's orioles' magic. With a vengeance. Dwell on the tennis court it's perfection. Again. And in charm city -- to return to glory. We guys. Food thing did the it's. And going out on top. So regardless of your favorite sport favorite team or favorite player. There is a lot so I love about sports in the DMV yeah. I'm happy Valentine's Day to all sports. I mean think about local Boston had in the Red Sox and Patriots were winning -- When you know cities go -- god they -- preparing us -- well it's had a good start and -- -- the -- the Nazi. The Ravens winning a Super Bowl bigger element is the crossword NCAA title. Got that in next. CSN Washington dot com.



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