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Confidence high for Wizards have fun with National anthems at spring training



CSN Washington dot com. Thought this time last year Davey told this -- very network that he should be fired if the nets didn't make the playoffs which they did winning their first ever division title this year the expectations are higher. And Davey is hoping to go out as a World Series champions. And joining us live in the areas -- that's insider mark Zuckerman mark. As we can tell it's rained during today's first full work out but I imagine nothing can dampen the expectations. This ball -- No and fortunately guys it was a little better this morning as the 35 pitchers and catchers. We're on hand for the first official workout of spring training the lone exception. Rafael Soriano of the new closer who's tied up in the Dominican he's waiting for his work -- to be approved and also on hand more than a dozen position players who reported early. Including Bryce Harper Ryan Zimmerman. Ian Desmond. At the rays did come eventually cut things short but not before they were able to accomplish most of what they needed to today. Spring training hasn't changed much over the years these first few days -- spend catching up with teammates and loosening muscles. Manager Davey Johnson's instructions to his club we're very simple. Or should be ready for. Opening day you know and not to to push too hard -- so relax. And don't try to hopefully impress really commissioner will be greater. You know -- have a lot of meetings. Each pitcher working. Stephen Strasburg is here in -- said his ace looked smooth as silk in his first bullpen session. Bryce -- confidence meanwhile seems to permeated the entire clubhouse. It's going to be fun here institutions very honest team. Tired you know really high I don't know if this were a series of us know of course there -- so it's very easy for instance like right. You know hopefully and I impressionist you know 1015 years and shot to win a series. It's fun to watch the progression that we've taken since I've been in this organization the vibe and the energy that -- in years a lot different this organizations kind of in shambles we were. You know thought of as as a team that would lose a hundred games every here in and just kind of had no identity. Where now you know we're we're looked upon as one of the best team in baseball. To me were finished fault of everybody to push me to play up to potential. If that if the talent level is good enough to make up woes didn't. It's going to be exciting year. Now if the weather cooperates and hopefully it does they'll all be back out there on the field tomorrow the pitchers and catchers that is. The position players officially report tomorrow they'll take their physicals on Saturday and the first full squad workout takes place on Sunday. Of course that groups and Bryce Harper and we'll hear more from him later on in -- -- CSN Washington dot com.



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