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Derrick Rose a good model for RG3?



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Thu, 14 Feb 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. -- dumb I am wrong that Derrick Rose would be a good bit. Indicating here. For Robert Griffin the third to take a look at how these young -- -- this and how he's telling the media so that the focus is on his team. Not -- Well yeah I think you're exactly right I can't say you're wrong when I look at their roles one of the most explosive basketball players in the NBA he gets hurt and everybody feel welcome back. And a player wants to come back. I think there won't understand he had a lot of obligations are there to sort of Chicago Bulls to add these to go and play a long time not. Was back to be some superhero and inept injuring yourself again then all but you can't go live up to -- obligations. I think the same Taylor Robert look I love watching them play. But not much rather wait a he's a 10600. Gibson doesn't happen do or don't stops and it if you look at the letters that you what would those type of thing. Is way to not have arguably our biggest. Our farm were a legitimately don't but if you wait to you a 100% and you can play 101112. Years fun and do what is it. It could shorten it and I don't wanna see if he -- to resort and especially this young man who to bring a lot of pride a lot of success to it is it. We've both had the pleasure of talking with the Gale Sayers. The hall of fame Chicago Bears. I've seen on a football field. Because would he did very few if anyone is as is equaled it but he was gone in five years now you know -- raw raw as game what five years in the hall of fame. I don't look at that -- I really don't in my say and that it's about longevity in being healthy exactly. CSN Washington dot com.

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