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GEICO SportsNet Central Update with Dave Johnson

Fri, 15 Feb 2013|



CSN Washington dot com. -- sports net central update. They -- -- -- -- your regular sports at central update on Thursday the capitals back where the season started in Tampa. Ben Eager to -- they've changed for the better since opening night. Yeah you know toward the capitals over a month to finally get wins in consecutive games and -- Thursday trying to make it three in a row against the lightning. -- -- -- -- -- capsule of how political spectrum slaps a pass from Matthew for a one time to deport Brower who have been easy -- Broward seventh of the season. What nothing capitals. Now -- still on the first lightning three on two break. Committee like W a huge one of them but mark has -- we've turned them back on the -- and also the greatest. Certainly have control and put them fast break LP kind of watch. Late in the first -- -- Santos so drop a velvet Teddy Purcell who fires but -- pretty big city blown saves. -- novel was terrific save troubled streets. Now later. In the second period. On this play goal wards fore -- forces a turnover Roosevelt bunker -- foot six. There are very bits of those -- go on to one caps. Now third period the line is that we did throw cutting to the middle fired Carroll the waiters flap about the global goal on the living up to -- sixty -- other shots. Have been happy birthday maybe 31 capital later in the third now fourteen double -- penalty on Washington but no one's benefits -- -- -- some good. Hopefully leave the phrase comes -- scores capitals lead down to one. They are able to survive -- -- gave bush camp -- their third straight games for the rays thanks in large part to that third line. The -- -- two lines -- dominate. The the opponents of checkers because you know they were but I the guys so you third line that can go out there provide some offense and he's reliable and and that's what they're doing and it got a little rhythm going right now it's good for them. We got to talking. And said down the time is now we have to start winning and stringing calm you know streak together years of Winston trying to -- and dumb to know. Playing a little bit more desperate. Made a few mistakes. We've tried to fall back on our systems and make sure that we're doing the right things but giving up -- 41 lead in making it again. He is and what we need right now we need to deal to -- -- -- -- -- but we got to make sure that we're you know closing teams out especially for crucial divisional points. Good stuff from the Capps battled him tougher -- Comcast sports -- thirty -- -- I'm Dave Johnson for CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.

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