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and Out: Can a running QB, like RG3, ever win the Super Bowl?



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Fri, 15 Feb 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Welcome to three and out we have a special edition of the segment today I'm Jennifer Williams. Onside our Redskins insider park outlets here and we got our Redskins blogger rich -- are over there. Guys let's talk about Colin cap for -- he wasn't able to get it done. You know during the Super Bowl but you think a running QB like RG three could eventually be -- wasting the Lombardi. -- let's start with you well. You know it just because one has not yet. Doesn't mean it that one -- can't -- never could. But the game -- -- does don't even just looking at it this most recent Super Bowl you know if Jacoby Jones doesn't doesn't run kickoff back 120 yards. Yelled Kong -- and perhaps wins that game. And as -- as a running quarterback and then we're we're not we're not talking about about this topic. But yelled back when I first started word watching super balls on a black and white TBS got a Cadillac -- and he has found. But the out there you have to have -- of the -- stout -- Top three defense to win mr. ball you had to have a big bruising running back to win the super ball hit -- there is soccer or somebody like that. But you know times have changed now now much more you need the only quarterback. But I think the fact that did that pocket passers are now. 47 and -- in Super Bowls doesn't necessarily mean they will continue to be so in the future. Car check police did did you save 47 and oh yeah yeah that that's that's a pretty amazing stat right there. You know I mean defensive coordinators get paid millions dollars to figure out innovative offense is I mean how long was the wildcat around 423 years I mean and then it pretty much disappeared. This too shall pass and the reason I say that rich is because. Just look -- have but the Redskins this year you can't keep your quarterback healthy for the most part if he's always scrambling outside the pocket being chased down by linebackers and even made it to the post it. If it's that it's the most important player on the field. And you know what. Robert Griffin the third couldn't finish two games didn't start another and in the playoffs we all know what happened against the Seahawks in pocket -- never get injured. Just look at injured and of course I know that you know Russell Wilson didn't have a significant injury you know are happy and do not damage. But don't give it some time it because I'll tell you this the more -- outside the of the of the pocket the harder of the hit and the more you and and that the knee injury that RG three suffered. You that was would result of the hit it didn't see coming. Now in the pocket you typically can sense things coming. There -- the blind side B well we've got certainly is video guarding your eye doctor okay he didn't see that last pit coming so you know I think what's gonna happen is there you were to see some evolution. But I think at the end of the -- owners and head coaches are gonna win -- they look. Our our quarterbacks are too valuable to expose on it week to week basis. In just sit on the bench and -- in the locker room and they're gonna get hurt that are in the pocket when they're scrambling around. You know I think I think bringing that other good dimension to the game. I think you know it's true it's true on defense defensive coordinators. They do get paid a lot of money off into mourners could have paid a lot of money to put in wrinkles. To try to throw them off so it'll be an interest in chess match plausible. And it's an M when NL coming up a couple here or three out apologize what was. When they would have ruled out about it special teams can make a tackle okay. Or or or if you try to use Kong -- -- legs down there in that last series he's gonna be a good -- anybody -- but he didn't do that there was no. Well -- it's really time for me to bring you back -- If things through my -- -- I think if we're watching again this was Kerry an out keep it locked. -- CSN Washington dot com for all your Redskins cut it. CSN Washington dot com.

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