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Caps look back at their college days



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Fri, 15 Feb 2013|


CSN Washington dot com open. Right -- with having a look at the best College Hockey teams. In the nation the one that wouldn't be accurate at the top last week you were an opportunity to move up that's sort of number one. 21 straight games shall be for ran back an old team. With -- eight -- sad Minnesota -- to do -- 95 and wore last week they were second. Miami BC. New Hampshire New Hampshire by the way got knocked off by Providence which -- them last night one nothing. Western Michigan -- the corporate sector. On the girls side -- I gotta set up shout out ahead to the pots and they're -- who played Buffalo state this weekend in Potsdam. Games are off to the playoffs go you there it's the caps at their share collegiate in the lineup locker Matt Hendricks and Jay Beagle -- fond memory. We are also playing against men and done. You know you're playing against. You know some of the best in the country so it's. You know it was a huge step those fundamentals first couple games Canada. Chasing the puck around in my compared misses. He analysis this is the next step in and none of these guys are good so hum. You know was also on huge steppingstone this. You know a lot of time or go -- you know with teamwork -- and stuff so. You know you take that trying to build your strength and to have -- a better game. Tiger grew up a lot -- for years that sort of -- I think with the school in and that's tough schedule we had with traveled with him during season and trying to keep up with school -- and so I think they're really grew up a lot of and I was able to. To kind of -- those things together and realize what is to be a real man. CSN Washington dot com.