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CSN Washington dot com. Chris Paul Brees may be blowing and I'm thinking cool down the Patriots. In other action packed weekend and Mason nation we've got all the recaps and I. Green and -- weekly is next. We'll get this week growing with men's soccer as the Patriots hosted a repairman just last week. After suffering a lot so -- -- Wednesday night. The green and gold rebounded on Saturday night as they defeated non conference throw long wouldn't want to nothing. Seniors Taylor Morgan netted the game winner on the Patriots defense was now holding Atlanta without a shot in the match because -- Our shop. Good good. The last few games we've given up three movies though -- our defensive shape especially if it's best we can practice so totally get the wind. -- -- Does get but I don't Texans for the long haul guys feel it's entertainment but really low pressure well. And we kept the ball pretty much religion. What was your offense. I'm try to get people. This. This goes on. For us we need he looks Johnson -- the way early so we. Defenders -- good so. Home matches against Drexel on Wednesday in Cleveland area -- Highlight the schedule this week for the Patriots. And at seven. The light week for the women's. And they've played only one match. Harrisonburg on Thursday night to battle CAA rival James Madison and the ladies now deduced through regulation and overtime and eventually lost in double overtime. Warned do not think that. Mason travels -- Hofstra on Friday night and northeastern on Sunday into. It's actually. Men's tennis team travels to Indianapolis over the weekend taking part in the navy gold in tonight. After falling UMBCN. Saturday and decent road winning 821 victory over navy and not Sunday. For the Patriots are in single -- championships is George indictments guy he. Taylor Sargent. George or son -- each earned victories. Completed its fall season. Teams finish their short season strong. He's still the -- back. -- be double. Head coach -- Kendrick in the women's volleyball team wrapped up its extended road street over the weekend matches at northeastern. Ladies -- the conference leader northeastern on Friday night rallied on Sunday to be positive resets the line. The team's first conference win of the season on the road. Junior lands on -- matched her career high and -- with -- when he three. -- how good he added twelve. Reading go will return to the racket him this Friday and Saturday with -- matches against thousands. In Delaware first service scheduled for 7 PM for both man. Mean -- and travelled to Baltimore on Saturday as they face Loyola and maybe we'll demand. Secured wins over host Loyola and I felt today. 200 backstroke in 100 butterfly. On an actor John -- Mets won the three meter diving after. Ladies had several outstanding performances as well it was Becky Anderson taking first in the 500 free. Teams are back in action this Saturday afternoon at the end aquatic and fitness center and his NATO's CAA fellow Delaware at 1 PM. Mason fans don't forget the rowing team takes to the finally it's here Mason madness is this Friday and now. Patriots end kicked off the men's and women's basketball season and unseeded performance isn't that amazing experience lives darkness. -- -- -- Your first chance to see demands women. Both drivable hole. Great show. Be sure to check. -- CSN Washington dot com.



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