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CSN Washington dot com. This week's edition of the green and -- weekly did talk to the world's fastest. 400 meters give you all the highlights from the winter -- spring sports it's a stand back. CDW is next. We hit the ground running this week with some indoor track and field after both the men's and women's teams jumped in the southeast regional rankings. Women tonight in the man -- fourteenth. The teams traveled to Geneva Ohio. To participate in this speier institute invitational. It was a record breaking performance as senior David Byrd -- set a meet and and personal record in the 400 meters with a time of 45 point 83. Currently the fastest time in the world this year -- -- a 4583 and 400 this weekend in Ohio talk about what it means -- get back kind of performance this early season. On the -- viewers of the season to get in -- we are right now. Beat him in the world is it's a great feeling further -- -- -- Defense seems to be invested. Was that we need to be able to. To represent me some sort of on a national league world level you want it you were in the Mason Logan you're the fastest man in the world what does that mean TV school this program. I know people put down on Latinos also looks on the CP let's put it takes is a business so he was sort of as a Mason on on national. Global level it feels good -- not just you know coming professed to not see you -- -- today for Mason from a season -- field. The poor drive 400 meter relay team of -- Adrian bond Georgia and -- an Angel Holmgren also set a new -- record in the event. Indiana to win in the 600 meters to highlight them. This weekend ladies who are also set some records of their own as the 45400 meter relay team Sierra -- Diana married. -- Briscoe and down when he ran across the line and 338. Point 32. Mesa returners of the track next weekend in Blacksburg and Virginia Tech invitational. Coach Jerry Porter in the women's basketball team has entered the stretch drive of its season -- they've battled their way through that tough CAA. Ladies hosted two conference foes this week falling to Old Dominion on Tuesday night. I rallying late to defeat William and Mary on Sunday 5756. Senior guard -- -- Saunders hit this jumper with just three seconds remaining to seal the Patriots first home conference win of the season talk about the play. And now the shot Jermaine did put your team and attack. -- pushing just a great person matches. As his new. I had confidence and listed companies in the inning gave me more confidence issue of confidence in me fifteenth. And when I got the just knew ahead of assets of I just had an -- play. Do you like having a ball in that instance with the game on the line. Yes it being a lot of excitement and and makes me feel very close I guess -- Wednesday that and down. It just it is exciting and it makes it kept happening and not let my team depends on me this didn't. Talk about -- performance in half what you Saudi team I'm just so proud. Of the ladies and obviously takes a lot of adversity. And the first half of conference play. A hard conversation over the last couple of days as has been that we wanted to have kids are fresh might slate clean start the second half of conference play a little bit of a new attitude -- confidence. And and a new mindset in terms of you know. What we needed to do you know everybody in this league is so good and plays so hard. And we knew that we would have to work extremely hard for forty minutes to this winter and I am just really pleased but the kids effort tonight. -- -- -- chipped in with her second career double double with thirteen points. And ten boards in the victory. Meester returns to action this Thursday night in Wilmington, North Carolina to take on UN CW. And most towels and on Sunday evening at 5 PM in a game televised back Comcast sports net. Mara also in a dogfight in this CAA standings as we've come to the final weeks of the regular season. On Saturday they greening goal block from Delaware to the Patriots center blue hens would leave the game throughout and they posted a 7972. Win. Jonathan Arlington Eric copes both posted double doubles in the loss. -- will go on the road this Thursday at Drexel and host Georgia State on Saturday at 4 PM on homecoming. Volleyball team opens yeah I'd BA player last Friday night against Princeton -- Iraq. Patriots had little trouble dispatching the Tigers three sets to one. Three players had double digit kill knights led by mark jones' eighteen the coaching staffs of both teams kicked off the EI BA rallies initiative. To bring cancer awareness both wearing pants during the matches part of the program. Like hosted its final dual match of the season on Sunday afternoon against fourteenth ranked Bloomberg. The Patriots are unable to pick up the -- and falling 39 did not think the team returns of the man -- who traveled in Norfolk to take our conference. And grow Old Dominion. Natural hat to the diamond at the softball team kicked off its 2013. Season over the weekend in Charleston, South Carolina. Ladies open their campaign with a 21 win over hosts Charleston southern. Sophomore Casey Harrington threw a two hitter with ten strikeouts. In green and gold fell on its next three can test the UNC Greensboro and Charleston southern. To wrap up the weekend the team returns to action this Friday at the USC upstate tournament. Finally on -- Report men's tennis picked up an impressive win on Sunday blanking Mary Washington seven did not think. Ladies didn't fare as well as they felt at George Washington seven to nothing. The men returned to the court this Saturday as they host Christopher Newport while the ladies welcome Radford in two weeks and Montclair country club. I don't do it for this week's -- be sure to check back next week for an all new addition -- green and go weekly. I'm Greg Kennedy. CSN Washington dot.

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