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Ian Desmond expects big things from himself this season



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Fri, 15 Feb 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. It's not head down to the -- and bring -- -- nationals insider mark -- -- goes so good to see you. Dried out there today but -- straight to business here so members of this team that had career years last season -- her harper rookie of the year -- Gonzales. A Cy Young finalist and now you're around these guys every day. What makes you think that they can do it again if not even passed last year's performances. Well a lot of these guys are confident really that they can do that taking even a bigger step. This season and at the top of that list is Ian Desmond. There's actually been with this organization so long he was drafted by the Montreal Expos goes that far back -- coming off a breakthrough season silver slugger award winner. First all star appearance. As proud as he is of all those accomplishments though Desmond told me today he expects even bigger things out of himself this season. Hours in the you know who aren't I don't. I think last year there's some things I definitely feel order to work -- -- we're there we'll stay healthy on here. From -- are as much. I still feel like -- the new season last year my ears are probably. A little higher than we're going to. Want him to be. And I definitely feel like I'm gonna continue to get better and -- and then in the -- for three years I think -- I can learn -- What would it mean to you if you do get the opportunity this season actually appear in the game thin as they were final those teams are -- -- play better when we play there. If we win the World Series iron to fifteen and are making their all star game I got the ring us that's an angle I think. If we. Threw for two of the team I think no -- I'll play well individually so essentially rest -- You guys up to have a lot of talent. In that room and on the field how important is the fact that you'll get along as well as he didn't. But being comfortable. Has to your performance. I think it's harder for far afternoon cultural environment inside the clubhouse. We've all been together for so long arm are wise in the famous section here that -- -- -- is the minor leagues things like you know when. Where were all kind growing as baseball players as men at the same time so it's. We understood we've gone wrong going through you know who watches him go through his arbitration thing renowned for watching Stanley in his two years do we were able together it means so. Purdue and Tennessee are rooting for each other -- don't wanna see chose to have success and -- it's the chemistry is number one -- and I think that's was drawing -- from the outside. Into our organization as far as free agents things and got this new team that we have to see the chemistry that we have to assume you don't play games you play hard you play for each other. And that that is where winning organization doesn't -- I think. Now Desmond was one of several position players out there at the work out this morning everybody is now officially counted four and has reported. And that includes. Closer Rafael Soriano he finally got his visa issue taking care of -- -- -- the air and they expect him. In uniform at some point this weekend but one other news just broke. -- Ireland and the nationals agreed to their one year contract for this season so they avoid an arbitration hearing that would have taken place Tuesday in Phoenix I think everyone's happy they don't have to. Travel all the way cross country just for that. -- definitely Iraq that a piece of business up Soriano so we haven't been there. So far this week is there any concern that he he's not reporting quite yet Vieira. No not really I think the way Davey Johnson puts it is this is a veteran guy he's been around the block long time he knows how to pitch in and because he's a reliever. It's not like he's a guy's gonna really need to stretch themselves out over full strength if he comes in this weekend he's only couple days behind everyone and they feel like that would be one of the least guys have to worry about reporting couple days late camp. CSN Washington dot com.

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