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Should the Redskins pursue Charles Woodson?



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Fri, 15 Feb 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. And some big news came out today and one of the things I wanna talk about is. Charles Woodson. All of a sudden becomes available Uribe followed Green Bay Packers have let him go I say the Redskins. Should make a run for Charles Woodson. That's secondary was terrible. -- nor Jackson comes back next season and he's a guy who can step up in effect things on the run. You bring and Charles Woodson some of these young guys that can learn from this guy can be a mentor he can maybe put them over the edge do Williams has gone. I think a player like that for the right amount of money you can't -- in those days are gone at the right thing Q if you can get him for that kind of money I think it's reality that Charles Woodson. Fantasy it is that. I'll just you can open up a -- to be a bad step -- step in the past we've got guys that basket hard. Probably heading to your left that you overpaid them when we get on the productive. Now we have a core nucleus. You can hit the right veteran in Jack I don't know could be reinstated in time back that can. Because -- into the -- a lot of the way he stands. -- the league optioned to the door open because the wolverines the ball. I'm like everything about these young made that class act but I'm a move that. It had a little. Reserved when it comes to going back to the old standards that put the skins in last place -- when they are now grow your own. Coach him up and get better. CSN Washington dot com.

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