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Jay Beagle and Matt Hendricks on their path to the NHL

Sat, 16 Feb 2013|



CSN Washington dot com. We -- also playing against men and you know you're playing against. You know some of the best in the country so it's. You know it was a huge set those fundamentals first couple games -- -- chasing the puck around in -- compared misses. He analysis this is the next Upton and he's as good so I'm. You know I was also. You're stepping stone this. You know a long time work so. You know with team workouts and stuff so. You know you take that time and builders strengthened. To a build a better game. -- grew up a lot of those Warriors it's hard Kona I think with the school in and the tough schedule that we had with traveled him during season and trying to keep up with school records and so I think it literally grew up a lot of I was able to. To kind of settles things together and realize what it is to be a real man. She gets in Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. back with Reed picking up. But wonder test the tall by now they're gonna add another aptitude test is supposed to. Check your motivation and how you make decisions under pressure. It but what really. Gets a man ready for pro full ball when it comes to act calm mind because. You're gonna get interview room you get it within those hotel I have to that if you're able or what got you what what helped you from the by the catcher what opened your eyes a little bit. You know I know a lot of guys go to these big academies and get tested in and practiced these sort of things in. For me I just felt like I'm I'm going to be myself and I'm gonna promote the present myself and in the best light that I can. you know some guys had to draft interview every night I had to draft interviews one with the Dolphins won with the Redskins that was it that I saw guys just talk yeah I mean I talked to a ton of teams that a big open area threat toward an informal interview. I talked to a lot of teams you know. Eagles I remember a you know a lot of teams and but those were his two formal interviews and I you know they ask me questions and I'm you know you being yourself you don't back yourself in a corner where you usually that later you're gonna have to explain. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. Two teams who are no question are going to go to the dance torched on top twenty team now they got five games left. What's the ceiling for the what what do you see they can accomplish here is your well they have a tough schedule I have to play Syracuse twice for example but at the same time. If they were to win the regular season and then really go in the in the tournament to be the big east tournament and I would say they have a shot at the number one seed because. That's the big east is. Almost as good as the Big Ten and Big Ten everybody talked about by far the best conference in the country. I think the big east has gotten close to the big tennis time's going on this year. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com throughout their biggest win of the season against number two Duke over the weekend. And while Maryland fans are trying to forgot. Whether or not there to make the big dance Mark Turgeon is just focused on the next opponent. I know we play this like oh yeah when Guzman Nana who got to try to and be Boston college. And down. You know I know the guys a look at all that stuff that I won't allow him to think about that. Issues. I think if you just keep the focus on one thing it's a lot easier form. And that won't go from here in the Comcast sports net studios some chick Hernandez CSN Washington.

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    CSN Washington dot com. We don't look at it at any rivalry it's we look at play in every conference opponent the same. I've said that every time I've come here you know I have a great deal of respect for Maryland. With such a rivalry that still be in the ACC. So obviously they don't think it's. Think it's that important or else they wouldn't be in the Big Ten. I guess. I know we've been playing him for decades but we're not rivals for Maryland. I consider it rivals what about ourselves becomes the only team to outs in those Alan Duke. My It. Admit you got removal. CSN Washington dot com yeah.