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Turgeon emotional after with over #2 Duke



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Sat, 16 Feb 2013|


CSN Washington dot com. In their biggest win of the season the terps beat the number two ranked Duke Blue Devils behind 60% shooting from the field defense. Also a huge factor in this game they held the blue doubles to less than 32% from three point land out of course the Achilles heel when they face the blue doubles in Jauron this season now after the game. -- Mark Turgeon talked about how important this win once Andy got emotional talking about the way his family was treated. The team lost to Virginia and how important it was that he got this win for them. I think a lot of pride in my coaching I don't do a lot of things well but I think and coach a little bit and I haven't done a very good job and has been -- we've got my family. The hard part of my son last week had to leave the gym. Because the fans are so hard on his dad. But this is for them. I go over family's very -- me and that doesn't excuse me guys I'm sorry but that said I know what it means to our fan base. I want to be Duke. I want to beat Duke -- in this man alive means a lot to me and I talked about it this summer. You know that -- -- do come to be in the student section there -- element -- -- the students so this game means a lot to me and this. You know it's tough on. It isn't even for us. Look for a team -- program since then I don't know it's. Fans waited Guzman maturity for years so it was big for -- coach. Tell us -- -- 500 philippoussis as individuals before this game. So. We just you know -- has got to come through my routine and I try not from now. Now this two point win of course a huge statement win Indy ACC with the wind the terps move to six and six in conference play there next task -- hand. Boston College on the road. This Tuesday. In College Park Nicole -- CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.

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