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Black History Month: Bobby Mitchell, the first African-American Redskins player

Sun, 17 Feb 2013|



CSN Washington dot com. We -- for this moment and we -- -- that sole voice that. That at some point you're watching the inaugural speech from Barack Obama. And his second term. And while he's talking they're taking shots. And -- case statue down there. And from your perspective your guy who. Knew Dr. Martin Luther King. What do -- mean to you to be able to see really those two men juxtaposed. This dynamic. Because it to turn. Mom was up and down the street in Washington sixties. There's a lot of places. We could even go and you. Know if people understand. And. Was to do most beautiful thing was it. He would get that monument where ideas. And then lo and behold we get a dynamic young black man -- His name that step into that golfers twice. I'm -- people really understand they really. RR RR robbed before. That's a fantastic thing you said it twice now already the game you're not sure if people understand. Do you think. And I'll -- But tool that you're talking today's young folk. Understand. The sacrifices that were made by folks like yourself obviously Doctor King as well. When you look at today's. Modern day. Young person do you real quick story next year Shanahan want me to come and talk to the gas I'm bearish on drafting him. And I agreed to do that the four and had a game here. And it was really something that went downstairs. To the meeting room. And in the meeting where Brad was sitting in front of course when you have been known comedians in and and now when I came in the bag doors he stopped meetings in which -- to meet somebody tall. And he went on to tell him real quickly who walks. And it was real funny thing he hit it as I was walking down between him going to the front when I was an assistant. Didn't look owned the face of -- on dad because some day and and there's no way they could. Understand what is what it and this was some Shanahan was bringing up -- that they see me and so on and so am on the walls. Still don't know we. And Sosa same thing with the the evolution of this. Segregation thing in the whole word is there. The young people just don't understand. I don't know what. The pluses of note because it's something that you should be happening automatic but -- was. Things in between. So when you watch today's quarterback for the Washington Redskins and Robert Griffin the third yes we've had Doug Williams obviously. If I Jason Campbell and now we have Robert Griffin the third as a quarterback of the -- terrorism is as an African American quarterback. The fact that the young folks don't know. The process but for Bobby Mitchell when you see it doesn't pitch you differently. Knowing what you know about the history of this franchise. Well. What he'll hit me really. Is a commotion over Robert. Because we thought. That the commotion we get who would we and he wouldn't be Mexico bullion. Because we were so excited. Him about -- daily -- and he's I would gas. And for this young man to step up. And just tickled with the whole. Thing went in -- pull out of ideas. As much as we love dove. There was still that segment. Have nice deal accepted him right as the first black quarterbacks of so don't steal they had those things. Only. Right now. RG. Is whatever he wanna be -- and that's the most beautiful Puerto. You're the first man of color to play. For that franchise. To this day -- still strike you that you were the man who broke that barrier. You know I don't I don't really think about that. It comes up. More than I kidding -- and then it's fair and getting into it but. The reason it doesn't affect me -- way people think issues that's when I came to watch and I was already and NFL star and if I'd been starting out as a rookie it is a good chance. That I probably wouldn't have made it basis dome put things away from the field. And they were filled to admire football talent were hurt me. But when that shock. Of the tile. It was very good did that already had four years in Cleveland would Jim Brown. Because I learned so merchant -- strong guy and everywhere and so whenever I would feel. Down. It's almost like -- what's -- what would you do. And that's -- I was strong. And so the best thing happened to me is that I had already played in Italy. And I was able to take home all of those things and steal poor form. Because I didn't performed in all those people who make it tough for me. What -- -- these hands down. CSN Washington dot com.

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