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Oates: "We still made a lot of mistakes"

Mon, 18 Feb 2013|



CSN Washington dot com. Can -- energy first. First off and on this could see that we you're Cooper isn't and a you know fought back the to join us in this score obviously but in the in the way game played. I -- -- second after it. I still think we could -- up better. You know we go to it to some good things but we took too many penalties. And then -- customers are -- -- veteran of so costing us we give a lot of chances then a lot of shots a lot of perimeter we don't know really love it created chances so. We have some good things but we some -- -- mistakes. We start looking to result too much is that. Can be. Won't diminish your confidence sometimes and and obviously with the video C further than -- in the states and others there. Other points a game at home but it's a it's just the -- has sometimes it's a good team here you couldn't. CSN Washington dot com.

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  1. Nicole Darin wraps up the Georgetown win over DePaul

    Thu, 21 Feb 2013

    CSN Washington dot com. The pick up their eighth straight conference win behind an absolutely outstanding performance. From freshman guard Dovonte Smith Rivera Smith Rivera put up 33 points. The most points for a freshman point since 1996. That's when Victor page put up 34 avoid a by the name of Allen Iverson's freshman best. 31 please come home and. You know he who according concluded tonight he can do it actually puts the ball in the basket. And I think as the years progress. Giving him a little more who knows the shots are going. One thing you guys heard me say this about him is he hasn't. Scoreless it's a very good feel for. So many shots. In the gym every day there's Boomer Esiason repetitions. business a couple of it's gonna feel the it's just. You know with our team in general we have a lot of young guys so I think this is like. Can score the ball and he fire. In both halves really and I thought we did a pretty good job of throwing stuff for him and again the ball. So next on the schedule for Georgetown is Syracuse on the road that game on Saturday one other note Otto Porter junior did leave the game briefly and had to the locker room he cleaned up his knee in the first half John Thompson the third says it doesn't look like anything serious. From the horizon a cold air and CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.

  2. SportsTalk Live: Should the Wizards make a move?

    Thu, 21 Feb 2013

    CSN Washington dot com now that all I ask you about this. In terms of that it will not should it make a move. No. There's no malls they're gonna make us go get him in great to do something this year. That this somebody they didn't come in now and didn't get the rest that is next 2930 games to play that put him in a position for next it may be but it. That's the be the right right as I look at it right now so I'll keep this team that we have going for us all working on the things I wanna get done this offseason. Because you going get someone there's no guarantee that we'll stay here. He may leave it in the New so you have that chance to rest him rest and that's just lose in the first of the year don't even bring his. would be who's the biggest name in your mind. That's gonna be some activity as we approach to trade deadline. Well look at Paul Millsap that was unbelievable and I can you like him play he's a banger he rebounds alive and also to go that left Jacksonville as the one guy. If I think the wind is that the money was right I'll say go get him. But he's got everybody go after you look at the fact. Mitch Kupchak is and then Dwight how will that really you definitely don't believe don't bad they'll things that you hear so the Can't be that guy hits the market I think his reputation has taken it. The ways that over the last two years. But steal when you look at it they think he's the best big men. Out there I just don't see him play and I don't. I've a little bit on Oklahoma city's ability in the files to beat the I think San Antonio we got also leave it open for him to make a move. To strengthen a very strong team now and get him ready to try to win the resells they commit a bunkers. Ought to be open for some opportunities I don't think they can beat the heat is it. Cut as they're currently constructed where you actually your question in. Should the make a move I don't think so how do you feel that it. Well I think they should if if like you said if Smith. Is available in the number of work I think a guy who played three position can score who give you matchup when you play Miami when you played in Nixon play. A lot of Bulls they've got to give a guy just to score some support those guards and hope we've been Dayton and they can continue on the path he's of healthy basketball. And given even more production NBA you have to let salaries and let someone go locals point to me you love and they were only three guys we mentioned last night. You take your pitch that was mostly guys are a little slow but that's that the whole thing and you. I swore was if the numbers that's the MBA if the numbers work. CSN Washington dot com.

  3. JMU-Northeastern go down to the wire

    Thu, 21 Feb 2013

    CSN Washington dot com northeastern up at halftime travel Harlem shake people. I've done this one's. Once the second half down or leave it up by two DeVon Moore missed the divot AJ Davis would come in. I got that ball still putback and tied at 61. Jamie you're down three now twenty seconds to go Davis. About this from Dow Jones for three of the night we had a tie ball game at 64. Ensuing possession time running down northeastern had made a bucket with five minutes. Didn't walker takes care of that with a baseline and northeastern had the two point lead so proud about this talk about it. Our last chance now for the two seconds to go off the inbounds. Davis gets it will turn around very just like a marathon. Sophomore hangs on winning 6664. To clinch at least a share of the CAA title for the first time in twelve years for more. And and call the game smoking. Thanks guys who Walter McCarty they've been playing basketball this building for a hundred in two years. That may have been better basketball games than this but this certainly lived up to a Phillies have won against do we really did hopefully we will play both seasons they've coupled with the it was in the book was felt. It was a whole game of runs and ties and lead changes that we take as a first half highlights and it was Madison that got awfully pretty good start thanks on the other. play well prepared bad things are brutal first we will. He had 111 half points and it turned things over to AJ Davis. Who certainly the first and second half on the AJ Davis with 21 points in the l.'s worst seat. We got them and that's what they're made big shots and moved But with the game tied at six. With 244 seconds remaining. And north eastern goes on for that victory. If you look at somebody the good things Madison did that they know they can take a lot away. But you can EC 49%. Field goal shooting for that seem to be a big story. The other we will they've made from the substance can have the first there was suffering from flu shot but there every play we'll keep themselves in the game the typical quotes brought the game in. Picked someone and because of it. Have at least a share of the regular season title in the CAA. CSN Washington dot com it.

  4. Fordham-GW game highlights

    Thu, 21 Feb 2013

    CSN Washington dot com as seen on CSN plus the colonials hosting Fordham 500. Game dismiss it. While and start off strong yet here come the colonials chrome a fast break dunk in transition. Do you divvy up for the brake later on the big man kept our parts about that move for a big man. Spin move to freshman set new career high fifteen points. Then again right down the middle hesitations bad and the bucket do you get it picked up the victory 66. CSN Washington dot com.