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Mark Zuckerman reports on Gio from Nats spring training



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Wed, 20 Feb 2013|


CSN Washington dot com let's bring in our nationals insider mark Zuckerman live from Vieira Florida. Mark we didn't get to -- GO on camera but you saw him earlier today what's his demeanor after hearing this report. You know really all along -- he's been the same old GO Gonzales all spring loose and carefree you really not changed. At all from the guy that we got to know last season I think he's been confident all along that he hadn't done anything wrong. I think today there was a little relief and and knowing that we're moving closer towards a resolution it's gonna clear him -- as he pointed out as you heard there. Until MLB's actually -- -- -- this investigation he wants to be cautious not say anything else but I think he's hopeful this thing is to be able to put behind a pretty soon now. Today how important is it that Major League Baseball still investigating this Miami clinic and what is their next. Well yeah that is the official investigation I think there won't be true closure until that's done. They're still talking to people geo said today that he expects to still hear from some of them and and get through that they've talked with the nationals Mike Rizzo Davey Johnson you Gonzales. It could take a while there's a lot of names this report this isn't just about GO Gonzales and there's 25 name's now on that list so once that's all sorted out through. I think they'll come with their verdict in and you know like I said Gio Gonzales I think the nationals this point expect. He's been declared not face any kind of punishment. CSN Washington dot com.

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