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JMU-Northeastern go down to the wire

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CSN Washington dot com northeastern up at halftime travel Harlem shake people. I've done this one's. Once the second half down or leave it up by two DeVon Moore missed the divot AJ Davis would come in. I got that ball still putback and -- tied at 61. Jamie you're down three now twenty seconds to go Davis. About this from Dow Jones for three of the night we had a tie ball game at 64. Ensuing possession time running down northeastern had made a bucket with five minutes. Didn't walker takes care of that with a baseline -- and northeastern had the two point lead so proud about this talk about it. Our last chance now for the -- two seconds to go off the inbounds. Davis gets it will turn around very -- just like a marathon. Sophomore -- hangs on winning 6664. To clinch at least a share of the CAA title for the first time in twelve years for more. And and call the game smoking. Thanks guys who Walter McCarty they've been playing basketball this building for a hundred in two years. That may have been better basketball games than this but this certainly lived up to a Phillies have won against -- do we really did -- hopefully we will play both seasons they've coupled with the it was in the book was felt. It was a whole game of runs and ties and lead changes that we take as a first half highlights and it was Madison that got awfully pretty good start thanks -- on the other. -- play well prepared -- bad things are brutal first we will. He had 111 half points and it turned things over to AJ Davis. Who certainly -- -- the first and second half on the -- AJ Davis with 21 points in the l.'s worst seat. We got them and that's what they're made big shots and moved -- -- But with the game tied at six. With 244 seconds remaining. And north eastern goes on for that victory. If you look at somebody the good things Madison did that they know they can take a lot away. But you can EC 49%. Field goal shooting for -- that seem to be a big story. The other we will they've made from the substance -- can have the first there was suffering from flu shot but there every play we'll keep themselves in the game the typical quotes brought the game in. Picked someone and because of it. Have at least a share of the regular season title in the CAA. CSN Washington dot com it.

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  1. Gary Williams on UVA's tourney chances

    Mon, 25 Feb 2013

    CSN Washington dot com just. Virginia Cavaliers get ready for Duke they will host a game here's their head Coach Tony Bennett. Well I don't know how many wins we leagues he considered an NCAA tournament team but. We have the opportunity to play our way into the tournament and that's what we're gonna try to try to do when you play an opponent. You know with the ranking and the caliber of Duke that certainly. That fits in the quality what I have to say about SS Tony Bennett who says the lead isn't quite sure know yet but. First off the key to winning and beating Duke on your home court. Coach Bennett likes to double teamed the post that's their style of play in. You know I've never like going away from the style of play we did displeasure playing you know highly ranked team or whatever so it's going to be interesting to see if he does have that they're really work for Maryland. Virginia's playing with a lot more offensive confidence right now for scoring a lot more points and he did early in the season. So I think if they can stay with the way they play. They got a pretty good chance to win anything. All right he may have been talking coach speak Tony Bennett saying I'm not sure we get to send. They beat Duke. They're an answer yeah I think they are in and they deserve it group with their record who they've beaten and people have to remember the committee is supposed to look at the fact of Virginia was injured early when they lost some games. Now there much different team than they were back in December and so hopefully that will help Virginia when it comes time. On that Sunday where he either gets to call or you don't get the call that's going to be a tough time I a tough time for several local coaches here. CSN Washington dot com.

  2. Nats bullpen is loaded with late-game options

    Mon, 25 Feb 2013

    CSN Washington dot com big. Two seasons ago through store and racked up 43 saves at the nationals primary closer. Last year Tyler to assume the role when storm was injured and ended the regular season with 3262. Close friends were taken aback at. When they heard Rafael Soriano was now the presumptive closer but have come to grips with the reality. I wouldn't have expected them to come so that's the best thing that could ever happen to the team sure they want both wanna close but they also. So that you know Ed going to be you. A big boost for us because the guy's talented talented guy. Drew and and and Clippers their their both their are professionals they understand the business. His game. And Davey Johnson as a manager who likes to really utilizes bullpen. Guys are gonna get a chance to pitch hit it there. The back end of games and it really really strengthens our ball club and makes the game order. Just how do you approach season when. You may not have the exact same role he ended the last day you don't really change your approach in Austria. All the conditioning and all in all the work you put towards its all the same this you know because when you're thrown out the bullpen and you're going to be in big spots and that's that's kind of the funding available and then here despite yeah throw from day to day in my field a different you know. It could be did you know you can't really lock down the game from the cemetery I think that's one of the things I learned last year that looks with a lot of fun. For Charlotte's one inning it is and you know especially pitchers for a winning team it's just in the big thing anyway justice those last three innings for just. We can be the best in the game there's no doubt about it that that's where we wanna be. I think with the type of club that we have we need to be to get tour wanna go to. We have a lot of experience down there. Pitching in big games crucial situations. We're gonna in endure a lot of that stuff throughout the 2013 campaigns so. I think you know if we see if we sat here and said anything different and then we're not we don't have a has a right. Think Giroux each other both have good heads on the shoulders and understand. You know the roles that they're gonna need to play for a team to be successful. Have been three closers at the back end of our bullpen I don't think necessarily is ever bad things. CSN Washington dot com.

  3. Gary Williams: No reason why G-town shouldn't be #1 seed

    Mon, 25 Feb 2013

    CSN Washington dot com. I hear our head Coach Gary Williams a Georgetown boy his first they snapped. Syracuse this 38 game home winning streak longest in the nation they're eleven and three conference play here one more thing they've beaten five. Top four five teams by an average of nine points. Come tournament time the big dance. Where do you see them objectively look at their record. If they win the big east regular season plus play well in the big east tournament there's no reason why they shouldn't be considered for number one seed I I don't quite understand. Why all these other teams are being mentioned in Georgetown is and they they've kind of been under the wire and sneak it around that. That went against Syracuse you're not sticking around anymore and they get a chance to run it. The rest of the way here here's the wild question a number one seed does what responded to even. Well basically now days it definitely gives you that win the first game and because nobody's ever losses and once seemed. But there is pressure and I beat him because nobody's ever lost but. After that the way it is now and this year especially because things are so we even you can get a pretty tough game the second game even if you are number one seed. CSN Washington dot com.

  4. Caps show faith in Holtby with two-year extension

    Mon, 25 Feb 2013

    CSN Washington dot com. Whether he's given up ten goals and his first two games or four goals in his most recent two games British Colby's demeanor has remained at the same. And the front office has taken note of the progress. Little more refined now and that's usually what happens with is me. Get some experience and he's he's found his game again his office game earlier in the year. It's one thing that is so prior is just over a slot hmmm. You know earlier on I think go to more it was there is I think it would have been. The competitive side immune to it got really frustrated but when you break it down you just try and now I'm not not think the scores nothing you know just think of the the shot the goals are going in and break them Lansing that's why we're. Tom is easier to keep and even keel. Meanwhile defenseman John Erskine has major minutes this season and he was also rewarded with a two year extension for which is defensive partners thankful. Hard on guys and in and not harm us our our new system or. You know he'd he'd Dodgers loosened. I sound that have gotten. You know to get up did Islam were enjoying the play and and just be involved maybe not even touched the puck but just. You know be involvement in outlets the other guys greatest owns his physical play. And you know with a new coach except coming in this kind of clean slate for everybody and he impressed us and play well and you know that we've been talking body couldn't handle hasn't handled too many minutes before and was having more product of just never got them and he's he's played well. More good news for the caps defenseman Mike Green told us he's a 100%. And he will be in the lineup Tuesday against Carolina. CSN Washington dot com.