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Tarik El-Bashir on the Redskins' needs at the NFL Combine

Thu, 21 Feb 2013|



CSN Washington dot com. That's the world's largest meat market and you have a lot of executives biting their fingernails trying to make decisions. You know on the market is a good way to describe it checked this is my first count dot com behind and I'm just really taken aback by how much media is here. 300 plus players but there's 800 media credentials that were handed out to -- -- just speaks to the insatiable. Appetite for it -- that information on that -- the American public wants to know. But you know last night I got a chance to walk around go to some of the restaurants and on some of -- some of the bars in the area and you know you see everywhere GMs. And players and agents everyone is out there they're talking. On -- laying the ground work -- what's can happen over the next few weeks as teams try to restructure contracts so on there's a lot of business going on here on outside of what's going on inside Lucas Oil Stadium. Not a shot. Mark on the right side to look last year Redskins. We certainly knew what was gonna happen with Robert Griffin the third this year as they go in -- what other Redskins in search. You know I think guys it could be argued that this -- is going to be much action against biggest challenge. By you the most likely the Redskins are going to be Steve Smith eighteen million dollar cap and only once again and they don't have a first round draft pick. But you know what they still have needs. My directive in order of need I would say safety cornerback and possibly right tackle. This draft doesn't have a whole lot of high end talent but there are some good players in the second to fifth round range so why that's why the Redskins staff is here they're doing their due diligence and they're gonna -- to uncover a gym in one of those later rounds. Yeah and they hope to see something surprise August all we'll -- those of the we'll surprise them. I know they have the the big days when they get the forty yard dash time do they actually talk on the twelve yard dash your your particular. I I know you're gonna bring that -- actually Mike Jones from the Washington Post a moment ago that -- gonna bring it up so I just lost my bet to stick with things I -- bring up forty yard that stock brought up. Twelve yard that so we know yes there's a difference though you off the bat okay five. It was here from Indianapolis the NFL's got to mom come on thank you very much. CSN Washington dot com.

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    guy sports net central today. Everybody with your Geico sports net central update China full of activity Saturday. As both tenants of the Verizon Center putting in work. shout to those hard working facility folks down at the phone Booth to quote wanna Joseph Gibbs classic lines don't earn that thing yesterday. Caps first start off on Saturday and Alex Ovechkin with only five goals in sixteen games hasn't had a multiple games. All season early on what hope how with the So. It didn't get. The home stand right there. five bucks and in our. Good to see Allen survived back to a basket midway through the second Mike Ribeiro with a nice speed and whole league starts to wake up. Took the third now even at one Matt Hendricks took old vets give Johan Hedberg is beaten and that's number two hole. Fourth will be less than three minutes later doubles on the power play pepper gets sloppy behind the net it's fair. And Washington's up 31 to the caps score on even strength they scored shorthanded and now Gretzky scores on the power play. That's the hat trick his eleventh. Career hat trick for the great eight. First since January 2011. Washington with a much needed blowout 51 in the head coach was happy to witness. Once the true go to guy Simon and you know the other night we also the break aways and you know you feel for every guy who's a bit in. I was first wars get some gonna you know fans Ludlum that place is rocking and did it obviously helps thing. Now as soon as the caps finish taking care of the Devils those aforementioned facility folks removing that ice and then laying down a hardwood as they successfully prepare at the arena for hoops. In time for Wizards to hopes. The Rockets. James Harden the bearded and the Rockets in town of Washington down eight in the second. Quarter when they turn defense and offense Martell Webster and John Wall doing some work together. What Houston was red hot from outside in the first half should Parsons. Gets his play. Rockets with thirteen threes in the first two quarters they're led by eleven at the half Washington rallied in the third Bradley deal. What a rookie this guy whose Wizards down six then rocket's answer again from outside Donatas Motiejunas. Houston finishes with nineteen trades at a 46 the head since game time before. Public couple before draws the foul inside after making the first free throw look good feel home with a huge rebounds. Wizards hold on 1052103. Head coach Randy Wittman. Please. What he saw. But I mean this hell away. It goes for back to back night. Real face him triggered two teams Western Conference sellers who only played twice a year. And both these teams in the playoffs. News who's who's good for us. Ha day at the Verizon Center today the boys and girls down at the Verizon Center get a much deserved. Date of race that will do from here in the Comcast sports net studios. holder for CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. Just give the feeling when you walk on that court you see the love that Maryland still has for you and what may July and you know on me. I TH save team actually my fifty coaching Tuesday days so a good good good part of my life right it's great place. And I love her always. What is that feeling like to go back out on the court and you know. Just deceive a sea of red and white. Well I wish we had a little bit to believe national thing I coach I spoke to the team message all better when you mamma gave it a little. You know Boucher had a bigger lead if they're playing good it will have a good volatile. Mark is a great coaching. You know he's great recruiter and I think you'll really be good from. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. back college hoops William and Mary. George Mason. NCAA matchup in Fairfax early in the game Marcus Thornton missed badly on the triple Julian sort of grabbed the loose ball from about thirty feet away why not. Drive up one half. Now what is America by 140 seconds to play sports this him Westhoven download turning and getting a layup 58. What we're not done under five seconds to play. Mason a chance to win at Eric Cooper inside somewhere in. second remaining Mason holds about sixty to 58. in terms of Coach typical hard fought game game. What was the difference for you guys in the second half I thought I don't know blows saves that game has less than its ability to rebound the ball. The help of the lock down on defense thought about coming down the stretch your veteran backcourt that somebody who has tremendous. Right now little to put that away the days of playing his best fastballs or anything. That's okay came on there tonight was that coming down in the of Marquette in the February into march. One playing your best basketball you'll hear the beginning. Some assistance from not your usual suspects your interior play has been great it's getting better I think what Eric get healthy John all of us playing well. America continues. Stay healthy anything can we'll have hit a good bounce but you know march. When one area that you want to see your guys do better and did you guys get it would come tournament we've got to move the ball better sticks in my hands about. It dropped the ball up the win moved the ball and play inside out again we had just been good to march thanks local regulation. CSN Washington dot com.