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Caps, Chimera look to get it going

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Csnwashington.com. So it's not -- about the offense secondary scoring as in the top two lines has been. Not there we know that Ovechkin has some goals ribeiro and -- where's the rest of it. Well that's what they really need I mean a lot of heat has been placed on Alex but he's just part of this offense -- like. Wait that Allstate. He's gone seven games without a ball Jason Jameer has gone all season without a goal. And we both talked to him the last couple days not at his camper right now. Very frustrated. But he's the guy that they need to score goals. Even not that that -- won gold tennis this that tennis isn't great but I asked him about -- -- in yesterday's that hey I can't talk about anybody I've got one ball. So they've they've got to get it going and they got to get it going not. The third line like this that the top six forwards. Have the confidence. When you talk about a guy like Jason Tamara who I mean he has really not been -- champ -- at all. But this is a guy who had a hot start last season so he had to be feeling uncomfortable and pretty frustrated right now. Well you know -- -- -- let's imagine this he said Alex. Is setting up plays Alex is doing more than shooting now he's setting up plays because he's on the right side. Deep down Jimmer and -- last game against the Rangers wide open -- hit -- that they shot the ball. And that builds on a guy to me he's really feeling the pressure and I think if he gets -- they could get. Well this season I mean that Italians I mean that's that's -- is that both score but he's got to get the one and and they need that and they need it. Now he needs to break through all right so their face in the doubles back to back home games it's like a playoff series I mean. That this is gonna get a little bit wild not only tonight but Saturday. I love this. You know that the defenseman one of the corners that the forwards logged -- to punish each other. And there's a lot said till I mean there's a lot sit on the ice that players remember I thought the wake tech -- -- about that and he said. Players have long memories they remember what was said a year ago violent today the guys so what is that tonight. Will be repeated on Saturday and I think Saturday's game actually be better than ask. Because hey it's an afternoon game they're not gonna get that this -- that they easily get before game and they're gonna not like each other and and that makes for some good hockey. Especially these two teams that we always have good games -- UC teams and obviously the history. Was that a -- as well. It's CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. Unbelievable athlete as you well land on his recovery is way ahead of schedule so far. We don't have to do much but try to hold him back if you wanna know the truth so. I hope for him though is to do what's best for his career. On not necessarily what's best for the first game next season. Saw a lot of it has to be put on hold and get well. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com it. Figured they'd just Geico sports at central but you know heading into Thursday's home game. The capitals five wins were all against teams in the bottom half of the standings capitals eager to change that against the Devils second place team. In the eastern covers an area that has a big game. Right you you gotta get fired up getting fired up I said to this point. The appropriate actually for the listeners are foreground off fantastic over the second but weather your one Devils sixth straight game capital striking first. Right I hear from the Devils Devils on the power play and lose a bunch of their own zone. Adam had Rick Wolff Patrick LE that's a goal shorthanded goal affect tiger one. Capital Silva probably look at a catalyst Mike Ribeiro sports if you will turn fire this won't go five hole right reporter played one capital. Now move to the third period off a faceoff. Adam a long with robredo will be blocked the library located off though is their first first goal of the season we're tied at two. Later in the third down this is an issue penalties. John and some of Tom voting in bold collecting you might face in their minutes. And little animals is not happy the Devils make them pay on a two man advantage Ilya Kovalchuk humbled at what time are the Devils greeted through. A minute left in the game all's not lost Devils would always try to force overtime. Did some good puck movement there what does Mike Ribeiro is gonna go. Castroneves did practice last capitals lose. Policy that I just start the third period and nearly enough. They can five on month period. So much. Hey I give give up on me so much so fumbled three in the they're gonna get to show through. Here some guys are sitting on the bench treatments plan and you know they have to transportable so I mean. It definitely kills momentum and that. And it's hard to do. Hard capitals have today to work from what went wrong last having another shot of double death Saturday afternoon they could tell that from right here on Comcast sports on the points of the offense. That'll from here on the Comcast sports yesterday goes I've been Johnson for CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.

  3. Gary Williams discusses tourney chances for VCU, Virginia, and Maryland

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    CSN Washington dot com and start the tournament you preteens a local team to Maryland that you've VA and good Virginia world. My thing is. How are they doing at this point and also you know how much work they need. Could do to make sure they hit it. Or Virginia commonwealth of playing great to have a tough game and I'd say we'll say what was his team that nobody has fought battle years from now. After what they did if you can come I think Virginia commonwealth is you'll say they're locked into the NCAA tournament I think we have just. Wrote down the stretch you're not not to make the tournament. Virginia. Had had a great shot against Miami if they would have won that game. They would have been in the NCAA tournament a given what they probably Virginia they had some bad losses as well as some good wins so it's kinda. You know they're still out there and what they do the last five games will be critical. Maryland hurt themselves great win against stupid and what the Boston College or lose now they can't afford any more of those think they have to win the games are supposed to win. And then they have two games one with Virginia woman North Carolina north at home and have Virginia. If they can win one of those two especially game against Virginia that's the last game of the regular season for both Virginia and Maryland. The winner of that game might decide who goes torn. College and when you have a prospect. Who is flashed. How frustrating and also as a teacher how patient do you have to be. When you throw another time I believe it or it's this little smaller it it and motivated I was never accused of having what. From there but. But. Where is he goes and plays firmly and pop place in every area of the game. Then there's of the Boston College they'll have a guy within three or four inches of money wise and he's worse for five points and it's basically no rebounds so. He's not consistent yet but the way the NBA looks at those things here's a guy out of all this talent. We can coach him up we get points so it's going to be difficult. win not to listen after the season's over but. He's got to carry Maryland down the stretch that's his job right now all that other stuff will be there after the season's over. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. Close. I just start the third period and nearly it and dig into five on one period. You know obviously that's just too so much. Any give give up on me so emotional fumbled three in they're gonna get chills through. Here some as a sit on the bench treatments unplanned and Olsen you know they have to golden turns so I mean. It definitely kills momentum and it's hard to do. CSN Washington dot com.