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Jordan Crawford traded to Celtics



CSN Washington dot com. -- Jordan have Rose Bowl practices gesture. Then that he -- and so. Didn't didn't say anything different there. Not even a good practice this week you keep Jordan Crawford in DC. Hours before the NBA trade deadline the -- third leading score was still to Boston for the expiring contract that injured guard Leandro Barbosa. Who's out for the season or post towards -- back on February at the eleventh. And seven foot big men Jason Collins who is healthy but at 34 has played limited minutes for Doc Rivers in Boston this season. The move will save Washington two million dollars in cap space. For Crawford this is now his third team in three years and leaves town after not playing the last four games due to coach's decision with a clear message that if you don't buy into the team concept. You won't be here for long. At Verizon Center Chris Miller CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.



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