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Ric Bucher breaks down the Jordan Crawford trade



Csnwashington.com. So joining us now with our NBA insider -- you current -- that -- trade deadline has come and gone and the Wizards. Made a move trading Jordan Crawford to the Celtics are Barbosa and Jason Collins so what really make a -- Smith. They felt that it was time to move Jordan Crawford out and allow Bradley deal to really come into full bloom. And that they wanted a little more of veteran presence and they get that in Leandro Barbosa but essentially. The Wizards weren't looking to do anything dramatic at this point because they want the opportunity to see this group to play together. It's completely healthy and see exactly how good they are. They like what they've seen so far since John Wall has gotten back. But Jordan Crawford was a little bit of an issue and it become more of a discipline issue with his limited playing time. So they released -- that's in some ways it's addition by subtraction. Now I didn't see any blockbuster trades but from all the moves that were made which player in teens you think just made up the best. The Bucs are actually had a great deal in place what they thought was going to be a great deal to land Josh Smith. That went away at the very last second the Atlanta Hawks -- a little bit more in the Milwaukee Bucks refused. But they did a nice job of having a plan B. Picking up JJ Redick and it's not -- I don't from the Orlando Magic those aren't. Household names necessarily but where the Milwaukee Bucks are in the playoff picture. This gives them up but punches chance of making and staying in the post season. And they were really on the bubble prior to this so they improved just a little bit and that they may be enough. For them to make the playoffs thanks so much for joining us for the kicker from sunny Arizona. CSN Washington dot com.



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