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Highlights from the Caps 3-loss to the Devils



  1. Mike Ribeiro0:34
  2. Jersey1:09
  3. Washington0:02, 0:20, 0:32
  4. shorthanded goal0:30
Thu, 21 Feb 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Wake up my friend well yeah we got a game to play first period actually knew that that money -- -- in the second for an hour with a fantastic. That -- hand Brodeur. Block the shot however Mathieu -- was there and put back it's one nothing happened six consecutive game Washington right -- but here -- the dabbled happy. On the power play to move the pocket found out out of Hendry finding Patrick -- Oscar. The fifth inning at -- it's shorthanded goal tied for that one of the Washington still on the power play looking to capitalize Mike Ribeiro. Turn and fire triple five hole. And one half of the third period off -- -- -- -- -- endorsement. -- everything will be blocked it deep and on break -- phenom. -- -- all of the season where he -- that's involved with the heat later in the third yeah I thought healthy becoming an issue with a cast on -- get. I'm voting both collecting within ten minutes together that he would not leave the devil made them pay and a few minutes and it's really at full -- A one timer. -- New Jersey goes up 32 affair we've got a minute left holy -- trying to force overtime. Take a look at the barrel -- one happen -- practice lap. Very good to after committing the penalties. CSN Washington dot com.

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