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CSN Washington dot com it. Figured they'd just -- Geico sports at central but you know heading into Thursday's home game. The capitals five wins were all against teams in the bottom half of the standings -- capitals eager to change that against the Devils -- second place team. In the eastern covers an area that has a big game. Right you you gotta get fired up getting fired up I said to this point. The appropriate actually for the listeners are foreground off fantastic over the second but -- -- -- weather your -- -- -- one -- -- Devils sixth straight game capital striking first. Right I hear from the Devils Devils on the power play and lose a bunch of their own zone. Adam had Rick Wolff -- Patrick LE that's a goal shorthanded goal affect tiger one. Capital Silva probably look at a catalyst Mike Ribeiro sports if you will turn fire this won't go five hole right reporter played one capital. Now move to the third period off a faceoff. Adam -- -- a long with robredo will be blocked the library located off though is their first first goal of the season we're tied at two. Later in the third down this is an issue penalties. John -- and some of Tom voting in bold collecting you might face in their minutes. And -- little animals is not happy the Devils make them pay on a two man advantage Ilya Kovalchuk humbled at what time are the Devils -- greeted through. A minute left in the game all's not lost Devils -- would always try to force overtime. Did some good puck movement there what does Mike Ribeiro is gonna -- -- -- go. Castroneves did practice last capitals lose. -- -- Policy that I just start the third period and nearly enough. They can -- five on -- month period. -- -- -- -- So much. Hey I give give up on me so much so fumbled three in the they're gonna get to show through. Here some guys are sitting on the bench treatments -- plan and -- you know they have to -- -- transportable so I mean. It definitely kills -- momentum and that. And it's hard to do. Hard capitals have today to work from what went wrong last having another shot of double death Saturday afternoon they could tell that from right here on Comcast sports on the points of the offense. That'll -- from here on the Comcast sports yesterday goes I've been Johnson for CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.



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