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Redskins Nation: Looking at this year's cornerback class



CSN Washington dot com. -- -- about Redskins nation presented by -- Baghdad as we kicked off yesterday we're taking a look position by position. Top available players in the 2013. NFL draft in the secondary a focus. For the Redskins we asked the question earlier how many picks in the redskins' secondary haven't 2000. 121111. Picks DeAngelo Hall the most of anyone in the secondary so. Let's look at what a lot of people consider other top fifteen quarters. Of play. -- -- some of the guys top of the list are out of reach. But the Redskins who do not have a first round pick such as to Marcus Miller out of Alabama had a big game against notre dame of that national title game. He is projected to be a top ten pick also -- first round. Great on Jonathan banks a quarter out of Mississippi State pretty -- six to 185. And he had initially committed to the Senior Bowl -- well. Because of some injuries will see what he does after Kolb on the university -- watch in the Desmond Trufant. 5111 night and day. -- had a great week at the Senior Bowl that's how his stock has risen now he might be sneaking into. That first round here's another recorder out of Florida State Xavier Rhodes 62. 250 a couple days ago we had a question on Redskins nation. One of our viewers one of the Redskins go after a tall big corner what they go sixteen to fifteen Xavier Rhodes out of Florida State could be available the second round. And the rest of the quarters of the top fifteen available in the 2013. NFL draft. CSN Washington dot com.



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