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Wizards-Nuggets highlights: Wizards end game skid



CSN Washington dot com. I'm George Karl's Nuggets they have won seven of their last 29 in the nation's capital and the Wizards off to a fast start cover -- drives. Gets -- ago Washington -- six to 23 early on now JaVale make -- most of his return to DC. Comes up with the block against AJ price they. Value from Andre Iguodala 'cause the Wizards lead down to just hurry on to the third quarter now was up to John Wall. Who loves it up to Martell Webb search for the Alley -- to 6864. Washington -- corner down and he trying to keep it close. Finishes with a nice reverse layup inside look at. More from Denver here. Jennifer -- and the plane. May look at that the dunk acrobatic dunk cut the lead to 6000 got Bradley deal was having a bad week wait -- you see this. Goes up for the block on Ty Lawson along comes down head first. Remember the last time Washington played Denver deals of a similar fall injuring his wrist. Looking just can't seem to catch a break here against the Nuggets. He does return in the game though under on the last was up to John Wall with this one. Away with a jumper as they won 119. To 113. This equality team. -- either fourth or fifth -- us. You're fighting fighting for home court advantage for us throw for our group these guys. -- these guys twice. His uses that's an accomplishment for our guys didn't do as -- said you know I think if we can continue to understand. How we have to play in it and I now. CSN Washington dot com.



  1. Andre Iguodala0:27
  2. George Karl's0:04
  3. John Wall0:32, 1:12
  4. AJ price0:21
  5. Ty Lawson0:56
  6. Wizards0:09, 0:28
  7. Nuggets0:05, 1:08
  8. Denver0:44, 1:02
  9. Washington0:02, 0:13, 0:37
  10. home court advantage1:26
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