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CSN Washington dot com. -- sports net central update. Everybody a little holder with -- Geico sports net central updates such high hopes for JaVale McGee when the Wizards selected him eighteenth overall in the 2008 draft. But it didn't really work out here in DC so he was traded. Four and it may a year ago -- last night the seven footer. Made his return to the fumble George Karl and his Nuggets have won seven of their last nine and it. Nation's capital which is off to a fast start Trevor Booker and put Washington up 2316. Slowly and development in the most of his return to the district coming up with this block -- AJ price. He gets it done on the offensive end as well. With Andre Iguodala cuts the Wizards lead to 33. Quarter winds up to John Wall the lob to Martell Webster. A 6864. Washington's fourth quarter and he's trying to keep it close. Finishes with a nice reverse layup inside. And more from Denver. Kenneth Faried in the lane look at this acrobatic dunk. Cuts the lead to six. If you thought Bradley deal was having a bad week watch this goes off the block when Ty Lawson comes down hard head that. First. Hopes. Remember last time Washington played Denver field to a similar fall injuring his wrist and rookie. Can't catch a break against the Nuggets. -- last night he would return under a minute left Wizards up to John Wall put this one away with a jumper as the Wizards well it's 119. No one's thirteen to head coach. This a quality team. Their fourth or fifth analysts. You know fight and fight for home court advantage for us for four group these guys. Your -- yours twice. Is he loses that's an accomplishment for our guys can do and as we said you know I think if we can continue to understand how we have to play in and I now. Was a -- -- tonight when the bearded one James Harden and the Rockets invade the Verizon Center you can catch all the action right here on Comcast sports -- our pregame coverage tips off at 630. -- -- That's gonna do from here in the Comcast sports net studios on the holder for CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.



  1. Martell Webster0:59
  2. Andre Iguodala0:52
  3. George Karl0:30
  4. John Wall0:57, 1:40
  5. AJ price0:46
  6. JaVale McGee0:15
  7. James Harden2:19
  8. Kenneth Faried1:10
  9. home court advantage1:57
  10. reverse layup1:06
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