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CSN Washington dot com. Early on Maryland found themselves down ten to four Mark Turgeon said the building was flat this team was flat so called for squad to press. A 24 to ten run later. Mission accomplished. -- helped us -- Charles got us going early. -- -- -- letting go right for half and I just thought so you have we're really good. And nineteen assist state turnovers that you have seen that allow with so that's that's good to see. A select our press release sparked us but we crowd's response double teamed moaned would put pressure on -- mirrors turned the ball low limit I was going. Things like attempt to where I knew the analysts that I really sparked us we really have seasonal. None of the ten terps who played scored. And while big man Alex went appeared tired -- clear Charles Mitchell did not eighteen and thirteen combined. To to -- Shaq and Sheffield back of the how so that is it's usually in the these days they can score and and anything near where instances where -- want also lacking big bodies you know throughout the game helps as you know pound. Those he's big guys you know so we decide using I would figure then they helped us you know give. -- Antara supplement his -- anyone taller guys playing with confidence. K. Now look at layman's playing with confidence slogans playing with confidence. Knicks playing with confidence you know so he went off Clement confidence so. It's good to see is good to have options that we are going road blown confidence and play with players and toughness. And they will have to be nineteen wins four games left three on the road beginning Wednesday night at Georgia Tech. What to terps in College Park chick Hernandez CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.



  1. Mark Turgeon0:07
  2. Charles Mitchell0:49
  3. College Park1:37
  4. Georgia Tech1:35
  5. Knicks1:19
  6. Sheffield0:53
  7. Maryland0:05
  8. Washington0:02, 1:39, 1:43
  9. Mission accomplished0:15
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