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GEICO SportsNet Central Update with Lou Holder

Tue, 26 Feb 2013|



CSN Washington dot com. Everybody a little holder with your Geico sports net central update the catch every signed goalie. Braden hoping to a two year three point seven million dollar contract hoping it was set to become a restricted free agent at the end of the season stability always good. For a goaltender. After everyone's focusing com. That's a mean things fan realizes it's. To see -- were going com. When -- starts -- not that's. That's -- them but for me it's just them. Sims hockey -- asylum to keep playing. No matter how along and set to be here for a moment just to go and then and then played. Hope we have had some struggles this season but really stood on his head and last just play off his one point 95 goals against in the playoffs with the second best ever by a -- 22 years old. Or younger only hall of fame. Patrick -- at one point 92 average for the 1986 Canadians were better at such a -- That's gonna go from here on the Comcast sports net studios on the holder for CSN Washington. -- CSN Washington dot com.

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  1. GEICO SportsNet Central Update: Terps report

    Tue, 26 Feb 2013

    CSN Washington dot com. A guy sports net central update. Hey everybody Julie Donaldson Perseus and Washington dot com. Maryland is coming off a thirteen point whenever Clemson now in the game that big man Charles Mitchell and shot clear gave Mark Turgeon. And much needed boost and we just four games left in the regular season the time is now to make a push. I hope there's a sense of urgency. Out of our guys on Wednesday night. I can assisted in practice the last couple days. Tension tells. Scatter report practicing hard. Practice we have so much poise and execute better. And everybody has has someone so much more intensity on defense every day everybody's getting smarter and play an artist. We just have to take one game at a time you know. And you shouldn't be more determined right now they're just they're good but right now we just have to continue to win. One game at a time. They don't have an Allen net you know it's kind of scary so that they should great sense of urgency and and we didn't play that way against Boston College. And I hope we will play Iowa tomorrow. And Wednesday night they will be taking on Georgia Tech the team and a coach talking about their next opponent. Well do it from here and Comcast sports stay as I'm Julie Donaldson preseason Washington. Dot com. CSN Washington dot com.

  2. Caps OT: Eric Fehr stepping up, new deals for Holtby, Erskine

    Tue, 26 Feb 2013

    Yeah. Yeah Welcome capitals an OT if presented by pivotal plays Kellie Cowan Alan may. Allen will get read into things a lot of the little plays that you can come up with from the Devils game on Saturday the let me hear us. Well I think the biggest thing the biggest figure pivotal play with air killing a penalty in and going behind the net stealing apart from Johan Hedberg and scoring shorthanded goal the captain. It's a place that they have a lot of tough luck this year having that they've been skating score quite a bit but there have been a lot more aggressive the last little while. In the other teams don't in the and and then in the neutral court and then they played much better earn their own blocking lanes of passes and shots. And not making big blunders. Coverage wise so I really think that was the biggest pivotal play over the last. We scrappy play from Harry gets in his fourth of the season that. Two more they last season and recently he got a little bit of a person in that game Allen what do you think of him playing on that second line. Well you know what I don't care what when he plays on right now but he definitely is more deserving of some of the other players on the team and he's dogging the pocket and in he's not just playing the game the score skating down the wing although we did score very down going last week. But wait what he's doing he's fighting hard for battling. In areas he's stealing a lot of passes his winning his battles one on one he stick to Any and every time he's in the corner in a confrontation in a one on one situation he's coming out of and something I have not really seen him do over the course of his career. The end of last like there's Washington capital was play the body and he's been doing it and he's a huge guy and it's something new you always wanted out of this guy. And he's doing a much better job really preach about everything he's doing right now. If he's playing as though his career depends on this and I think it does and a very very happy for him I'm very happy for the Washington Capitals. But he's pushing forward like this and playing as though everything matters. And if you can find a way to do this is gonna have a lot longer National Hockey then maybe he thought he was going to have in the summer. Big news out of practice on Monday hold and John Erskine inking him to new contracts. Very important and they and the biggest thing is locking up Braden beat you you know first and foremost what he did last year in the playoffs and you don't want to let this get to four. They they locked him in the he did a Smart thing he didn't ask for too much money he signed a deal that was financially appropriate. And then you look at John Erskine here's a guy the last years but he he had told the media that. He hadn't talked to dale hunter and months and you really felt that this wasn't gonna happen for him and he was on the outside looking in at the start of the season. And for him to get an extension. I think is incredible because really what he's done for the team he's never the coach you've never step teammate. Any stand up and he's always accountable funniest physically he'll fight anybody not that that's the most important thing he does but he's a very steady defenseman. He sacrifices his body and I really like fourteen for war players like this purposeful gritty guys guys have put the team first. His whole never be a lot of stats it's about what he does first teammates and what he does first team and I love the fact that George McPhee rewarded him with his contract. Of those signings affect the rest of the team at this point in the season or other things you appreciate and you know the good thing about it is you don't have to talk about this and it the media is now a lot not and can't create rumors especially these guys up north they can't make up that. Great hope he's on the block to go to here he's not happy with what's going on negotiation. John short for this world he's gonna be trade bait now there locked in our guys that they want George McPhee does not sign all the players to get rid of John Erskine will be here Braden hoping is the future of this franchise. In net and without a doubt you have to get both walked up so you look at as another player on the team you don't have to deal that the scrutiny from the media. Bogus rumors whether their Internet or mainstream guys. But the biggest thing is it shows that who's going to be here that these guys are part of the core of the hockey team. good stuff Alan thank you for joining me and I want to thank you at home. Watching caps and presented by pivotal CSN Washington dot com.

  3. Caps OT: Ovechkin hitting his stride

    Mon, 25 Feb 2013

    Welcome the caps OT presented by plays Kelly Allen Allen may. Alan may let's get into the pivotal player of this week. Well without a doubt Alexander Ovechkin is that guy and having a hat shattered against the New Jersey and he's been playing very well and here's a guy that's been. Getting just annihilated in the media throughout North America and I think he's been playing very well and I had been a lot of radio shows that you need I've been reading a lot of different things and people are always in the you know that I'm kind of his lawyer but this guy was a quarter week before shooting. And all the sudden you know he's hitting across furcal and over the glass and you sit across foursquare council back in the crease. Well this week Q the quarter inch inside the post and sent cross for the puck is going where it needs to. Finishing his hits making great shots moving his legs got a pocket that he has the puck and a string right now done excellent job and without a doubt he's a pivotal player. Harry Allen movie now tied for the lead in goals on this team and seventeenth in the league with as eight goals that he has on the season. Allen do we expect more of that kind of play that we saw on Saturday out of events and. All the biggest thing you know being a former players understand that a player gets in a rhythm and there comes a time in any struggled when he pushed and pushed he never gave up. And he he looked to me like he was getting closer to finding his rhythm while the last few games especially last game at ice level. You could see that everything he was doing globally was passing the puck we was receiving his passes holly was getting open finishing his fifth. You can tell that he's in a rhythm he's got his confidence the puck was coming off the stick so smooth people are blocking shots is not bouncing over there. So without a doubt I expect him to really take charge and he's gonna start to separate himself from. Troy Brower and war in the goal scoring department and it's gonna could come with a lot more regularity I expect some more Patrick Moore to bowl games for multi goal game without a doubt. And teams need to be scared of him once again. RA two big games coming up Tuesday and Wednesday for the capitals a lot of points on the table that they desperately need right now on for the biggest thing they've got to find a way to beat Carolina who's now leading the Southeast Division and Carolina under Kirk been a completely different team and last year they were all over the capitals the capitals didn't have any answers. One afternoon last I think it was last February of last march Tomas book soon. Had a game he'd be the island beat the Carolina Hurricanes all by himself they were shot. But in the capitals didn't have an answer when they wanted to Carolina and the biggest thing you have to do get to find to stifle them in the neutral zone you've got to make sure that you get to the front of their net. Take advantage they've had a lot of injuries on defense are yet to take advantage of the guys that are back or they're not the biggest. So you have to worry about the idea first and foremost before if they're worried about going in the Philadelphia and getting the victory there. And we want to thank you for joining us Allan thank you guys are watching at home caps OT. Present but have no place. CSN Washington dot com.

  4. Is Ovechkin finally starting to master Oates' offensive system?

    Mon, 25 Feb 2013

    CSN Washington dot com is starting to get the feel of the new system. That's who you're right I mean his right wingers. You know it when they did did that Oates has done has been patient. And did. I just think it over and still has admitted he's been doubted Bol lot and probably reasonably so what would those have position change if you will. In a new system. I'm a little bit on the and I think he's showing that he's still got. Are there a lot of people are saying that well you. Scored a lot of goals from the left some you know what it's about getting a good feel ready to go right and left because deal you do see trying to go along with the situation and now. This (%expletive) earlier Bob Bradley deal and he's not thinking he's just reacting to you don't we it all over us it is red that we noted that only has. Is not going to be unbelievable what I mail Friday. you'd think he's going to. Make a move now see its cover and then the next game bam they came by Patrick elemental. CSN Washington dot com.