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Caps OT: Eric Fehr stepping up, new deals for Holtby, Erskine



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-- -- Yeah. Yeah -- Welcome -- capitals an OT if presented by pivotal plays Kellie Cowan Alan may. Allen will get read into things a lot of the little plays that you can come up with from the Devils game on Saturday the let me hear us. Well I think the biggest thing the biggest figure pivotal play with -- air -- killing a penalty in and going behind the net stealing apart from Johan Hedberg and scoring shorthanded goal the captain. It's a place that they have a lot of tough luck this year having that they've been skating score quite a bit but there have been a lot more aggressive the last little while. In the other teams don't in the and and then in the neutral court and then they played much better earn their own -- -- -- blocking lanes of passes and shots. And not making big blunders. Coverage wise so I really think that was the biggest pivotal play over the last. We scrappy play from Harry -- gets in his fourth of the season that. Two more they -- last season and recently he got a little bit of a person in that game Allen what do you think of him playing on that second line. Well you know what I don't care what when he plays on right now but he definitely is more deserving of some of the other players on the team and he's dogging the pocket and in he's not just playing the game the score -- skating down the wing although we did score very -- -- down going last week. But wait what he's doing he's fighting hard for -- battling. In areas he's stealing a lot of passes his winning his battles one on one he stick to -- Any and every time he's in the corner in a confrontation in a one on one situation he's coming out of -- and -- something I have not really seen him do over the course of his career. The end of last like there's -- Washington capital was play the body and he's been doing it and he's a huge guy and it's something new you always wanted out of this guy. And he's doing a much better job -- really preach about everything he's doing right now. If he's playing as though his career depends on this and I think it does and a very very happy for him I'm very happy for the Washington Capitals. But he's pushing forward like this and playing as though everything matters. And if you can find a way to do this is gonna have a lot longer National Hockey -- -- then maybe he thought he was going to have in the summer. Big news out of practice on Monday -- hold -- and John Erskine inking him to new contracts. Very important and they and the biggest thing is locking up Braden -- beat you you know first and foremost what he did last year in the playoffs and you don't want to let this get to four. They they locked him in the he did a Smart thing he didn't ask for too much money he signed a deal that was financially appropriate. And then you look at John Erskine here's a guy the last years but he he had told the media that. He hadn't talked to dale hunter and months and you really felt that this wasn't gonna happen for him and he was on the outside looking in at the start of the season. And for him to get an extension. I think is incredible because really what he's done for the team he's never -- the coach you've never -- step teammate. Any stand up and he's always accountable funniest physically he'll fight anybody not that that's the most important thing he does but he's a very steady defenseman. He sacrifices his body and I really like fourteen for war players like this purposeful gritty guys guys have put the team first. His whole -- never be a lot of stats it's about what he does first teammates and what he does first team and I love the fact that George McPhee rewarded him with his contract. Of those signings affect the rest of the team at this point in the season or other things you appreciate and you know the good thing about it is you don't have to talk about this and it the media is now a lot not and can't create rumors especially these guys up north they can't make up that. Great hope he's on the block to go to here he's not happy with what's going on -- negotiation. John -- short for this world he's gonna be trade bait -- now there -- locked in our guys that they want George McPhee does not sign all the players to get rid of John Erskine will be here Braden hoping is the future of this franchise. In net and without a doubt you have to get both -- walked up so you look at as another player on the team you don't have to deal that the scrutiny from the media. Bogus rumors whether their Internet or mainstream guys. But the biggest thing is it shows that who's going to be here that these guys are part of the core of the hockey team. -- good stuff Alan -- thank you for joining me and I want to thank you at home. Watching caps and -- presented by pivotal -- CSN Washington dot com.

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Things like that and and you know I am I winning at a I would not run again because I think that would be. Giving in to look at you sure this 2013. Boston Marathon when you put this shirt back on again whenever that is. What is going to be the first thing you think about. You know when I when I put it on today I had read a lot of posts about everyone should Wear their shirt today in honor. Everybody and Bob and in the marathon and that's an injury and you know I usually just use either their regular running sure I don't know it's that really it's a related question but it was nice today even at the aircraft coming over just to see everybody. In there marathon. much more quiet in the heat and it has had been last year and that it was just in the community. I'm feeling that everybody was kind of rally around it. in with this. Yesterday while we saw terror. Tragedy we saw the American spirit once again. 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And to of course see all of us stories about people who cross the finish line and then when he gave turned right around London and went back and how I thought was really unbelievable. behalf of all of were glad your safe. And we hope this doesn't deter you. From running another marathon especially going back to Boston thanks so much thinking. CSN Washington dot com.

  2. Caps go up two with Erat's first goal with the Capitals

    Tue, 16 Apr 2013

    CSN Washington dot com. You definitely overload to play here from fans was intercepted. On the world confronted outlined that the flyers. OK. Okay yeah under the clocks and even street. Nice little. It comes we'll be coming into this line near the end. You go into the net whether it's the kind of guy that can get lax in. Whose it's. Yeah nice deflection on the backhand. Great when Alex Ovechkin. And its fifth goal of the season. CSN Washington dot com.

  3. Caps take the lead off Jack Hillen slapshot towards crowded net

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    CSN Washington dot com. Seven w.s in a row they've won eleven of the last thirteen at the red. Camaro it's back to the point. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com I really like Alex when I love the size of love his agility I love his mobility for someone at 712 to be able to change ends of the court instinctively as he does any ball club would welcome that. He's also the kind of guy that has a really good motor and when you look at post guys. That is a very vital aspect you wanna guy that you don't have to charge up got that you have to pump life into. One negative would have to be consistent consistency on the offensive and when you throw him the ball he's going to have to develop we'll go to move. But in terms of being ready to play in the NBA I think you'll be just fine he's the kind of player that will get time early on in his career because of his agility because of his mobility. He also will have to get an awful lot stronger to play against that this in this in this league but that will come with time that will come with age. He's a willing learner and willing workers well. It's CSN Washington dot com.