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GEICO SportsNet Central Update: Terps report



CSN Washington dot com. A guy -- sports net central update. Hey everybody Julie Donaldson Perseus and Washington dot com. Maryland is coming off a thirteen point whenever Clemson now in the game that big man Charles Mitchell and shot clear gave Mark Turgeon. And much needed boost and we just four games left in the regular season the time is now to make a push. I hope there's a sense of urgency. Out of our guys on Wednesday night. I can assisted in practice the last couple days. Tension -- tells. Scatter report practicing hard. Practice -- we have so much poise and execute better. And everybody has has someone so much more intensity on defense every day everybody's getting smarter and play an artist. We just have to take one game at a time you know. And you shouldn't be more determined right now they're just they're good but right now we just have to continue to win. One game at a time. They don't have an Allen net you know it's kind of scary so that they should -- -- great sense of urgency and and we didn't play that way against Boston College. And I hope we will play Iowa tomorrow. And Wednesday night they will be taking on Georgia Tech the team and a coach talking about their next opponent. Well do it from here and -- Comcast sports -- stay as I'm Julie Donaldson preseason Washington. Dot com. CSN Washington dot com.



  1. Boston College1:12
  2. Mark Turgeon0:20
  3. Charles Mitchell0:18
  4. Comcast1:22
  5. Georgia Tech1:18
  6. Maryland0:14
  7. Iowa1:15
  8. Washington0:02, 0:13, 1:25
  9. regular season0:24
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