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Holtby's extension gives Caps much-needed stability in goal

Tue, 26 Feb 2013|



CSN Washington dot com. Two games in a row or eleven penalties and obviously. I don't wanna -- intent of some team in that's not good but does the Tony voice and -- your demeanor is the same then. That it is now when you've had obviously some trees start to you and -- in my town. How do you manage to keep that even -- and is that something that you had to work on your career. Yes that's it's one thing that is so prior is -- over the slot hmmm. You know earlier on I think go to more frustrated with the result I think it would have been. The competitive side -- it and it got really frustrated but when you break it down to strand -- Not not think the scores nothing to the -- just think of the the shot the goals that are going in and great downtown Lansing that's -- over. -- is easier to keep and even keel because it wasn't like. Giving up shots from the blue liner -- that are various things that you should be stopping just. Weren't or playing any differences just turn the stick to the system and stick the process and I -- It's paying off -- and I'm hearing is kind of more attention to the detail of that rather than kind of the big picture is that is that fair to say. Yes exactly I think those. Breaking that down specialists in the playoffs it will be a successful for myself but there are teams because. Going in. As it's it's -- to say you don't really care about though come but that's on the -- approaching justice approach it. -- Every shot the face he has to play give us your ability and it's at the end of the day if you can. She can focus on the 3035. Shots a unity against in his face. Columnists have confidence and she played played a messy camp you're gonna you know went into the. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. Last Thursday that caps took a 21 lead into the third period against the Devils and blew it. Since that meltdown they've put together two solid games and Tuesday night's effort may have been the best of the season. I think we get him more chances and there we know we're doing out there and that's that's a big. Big key anything to him to get this working so I mean it's gonna be in the loss to so hopefully Venus. Keep rolling were burying a lot more chances during. You know we were getting a lot of chances even when you're losing. Those games you know it seems I was in there and analyze a lot more in our power play has been been agreed. You know past ten so and so. Now those things really help us even though we can score a lot. I thought if you chances image or do some good things so. From me you know I've had a few myself in a few other guys. Promises is a good feeling and chances for sure and I thought recruited a team game and every line going in and everyone has chances to realize this with the system forest coming back both times open so. Tom Colts hope he's playing awesome and bigger things just click here. We got an early indication that this will be a big night for Ravens hold the he stone Alfredsson and on a breakaway on his weight to his second shutout of the season and the sixth of his young career. The focus of since the. It around probably since they've been an organization us that and its fans as the standings it's a good Tickets are chances lies in our chances tonight you know shots he sees a long way out. I think he's going really good he's a. Little rule but right now it's easy to see the caps have greatly improved in terms of playing the system however says it's not second nature quite yet. There had about sixty to 70%. Of completely grasping. They'll look to take another step forward Wednesday night in Philly with the capitals Jill Sorenson CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. Number one think it's here or you're Geico sports net central update Alex seven makes his return to DC facing his former team. But Washington playing as well as any team in the NHL right now power plays. Think he Baxter picks things up the first period hit his second goal of the season the capitals haven't looked back. Any divisional opponents to Owens saw. We want when that division and then this was a big step so we've we've been playing some good games in the first game loss to New Jersey. You know against some talented trouble which is tough for. I thought it went pretty hard to overall and you know we discussed blocks and be disciplined and you know that's what wins games are signed and no excuse for him for us in the cheers is certain discipline and energy chosen and golf resort for a. That'll do for in the Comcast sports net studios I'm Michael Jenkins for CSN Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. Why everybody. It just seems like you've never seen them before. Table manners she is it true that when you ran for governor to go to. 02 right aren't and you lost to Brett Brad Henry Hendry. You lost us liberals I lost by 6500 I ask you is it true that might have been a minor reason but. That he started to endorse cock fighting. And then once I was really ask for much of the voters so tomorrow I look cop out yeah came out I don't live football. I thought they started a program that actually Yeah that that bad that I that that was. Juan. One issue that I had a difference bigger brand Hendry and and a lot of people think at that. Could have been the issue that turned the election is cock fighting you still legal and any the United States since we will know Oklahoma division. Cleveland when you. what we have yet to go to just know you have like half. I've been just what I did until I usually they don't they put the chickens in the do you really know what the Spurs on the field and which dollars they don't a large seconds. CSN Washington dot com.