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Cam Ward robs Joel Ward's putback shot attempt

Tue, 26 Feb 2013|



CSN Washington dot com truthful I have not carry over the momentum I thought they. Of regulation. And here's a couple of go to video review this different -- was behind the goal line on this -- shot. What ricochet from Bulls -- here comes the shot. And here comes -- coming across its hard to tell there that -- would indeed across the goal line referees quickly say no way and a Dodge Dart. -- camp there's highway robbery. With the catching glove of Cam -- See now you and get my. Gonna start to get more conclusive look back we immediately waived it off. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. sports net central today. I'm grown for CSN Washington dot com bad news for the capitals defenseman Mike Green did not practice today. Not making the trips to Winnipeg greens. Aggravated a groin injury. Regarding this game this season the coach got a for about green's injury after practice this afternoon. It's just not quite feel right political games got a little bit it's just not quite right so. We're taking a step back have close things where. It was the second injury when you think you're good. Until you get really truly ball. Can't really tell and it's it's always. For coaches it's a tough one because. You want to. You know you don't wanna like we talked about in just in seven. And on and sometimes. It's it's hard to you really let your guard down. You can see the game on Comcast sports net Saturday at 3 o'clock in the do from here in the Comcast sports net studios grown. Season Washington dot com. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com society season. So I'm not sure. The goal is to make playoffs but I'm it's important that we keep up the season and reference. Tom I think we have a very tough schedule ahead of us you know if you look at it we have he's in then Salt and in New York so we that's very very very excited season against. To me arguably the top teams in the league so you know I think that's really we have status season and were looking to do it. My hand and did you business. I think personally. He always aim for the top so I wanted to goalkeeper of the year. Home. But that does a team you know to season's about to start and we won the championship. you know always in for the top namely the best that I wanted to go into the year and at the same time when attendance. acceptable to into the playoffs last year and then in the we did that. And I think you know we won the fans that over here whom assists through their record at home which is pretty good. And this year you know I'd like to see us taking games over a bit more you know other times last year word games ago. Those plays we ended up speaking out on top of that to be like. Worked out and we're gonna performances thus we'll consistently make place. If we can say about we will we will race trophies we were going to everybody wants to win trophies that's what this is about. But we need to make playoffs first and foremost every year to put ourselves in position to do that. Then. When she hit the playoffs if you're in good form. Given good health you get a lucky bounce here or there then you start winning championships but you have to start with making playoffs. Any consistent way and you know we've we've made it last year our goal continues to be made playoffs. CSN Washington dot com.

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