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Table Manners: Steve Largent on falling in love with football



CSN Washington dot com. Why everybody. It just seems like you've never seen them before. Table manners and you know like when you're say twelve or thirteen known -- and actually if house I can maybe make it to me and I found. -- is that in Washington. We didn't watch college football we -- playing football we're outside you know. Playing in the game not watching on television for the most part. So I didn't really think about it that does that make -- -- high school. I got couples are scholarship offers out of Alomar senior year are and I wasn't even the most sought after player on my high school team so I was like that we. Just -- that I was receiver and defensive back so what was your forty -- they always say your -- low Aurilia and high scoring rate in college ran for six. But that was discussed earlier yeah terrible yeah Adrian yeah you. Durham for me I think it high -- that are rough for me it delusional. Players. Great line that you can run up -- not what makes you think -- so -- -- I think that's silly for Wales will pass this okay. Five I got to five all over five. What it takes to run it forty what did you look really good 51 -- -- -- I want you here. Can't beat that you ran a marathon in three and a -- -- that you're ready yeah you ran. 51 I guarantee it but I love the way I. CSN Washington dot com.



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