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Josh Morgan gives back to his native D.C.

Wed, 27 Feb 2013|



CSN Washington dot com yeah. Let's get one -- Josh Morgan was the team's recipient of the Walter Payton man of the year award in 2012 and it looks like he's get a jump on the 2013 on the BC native. It's been that they're reading to kids -- Margaret Brent regional school in new Carrollton Maryland school caters to children and adolescents with. Disabilities and forgotten group a Redskins fan sitting back just part of the game. If you would have been when I was -- You know a lot of my friends was you know benefit from and I probably would benefit from it even more. It would help them -- enough fossilized. On that you know the office who do you think you that's when I was growing up some give up with some somebody else. He might have been doing in my mind and -- my mother made him number two on the next Barack Obama and then you. CSN Washington dot com.

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  2. Harlem Globetrotter's 'Flight Time' on what the team represents

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    CSN Washington dot com pride it is my pleasure. And believe me in my basketball skills far lacking when it comes to our flight time line of the Harlem Globetrotters it is your fourteenth season fourteenth it looks like you're like twelve I appreciate thank you get what you me come anyway that Ripken senior year celebration of Black History Month the globetrotters the name says it alone and it is global. You've had every kind of ethnicity you for every you know and male and female globetrotters. Nelson Mandela. Pope Paul was third they've been honorary members do you think you guys get the credit for really showing. Diversity and in this sport in his country. We I mean I definitely think so I mean notable totals also were like the first thing in the have a professional player going naming names we Clifton you know back in the day in. I'm definitely I mean we're the first organization we've got a guy right now on our team for Great Britain white he as the world's top professional basketball players so. Seven point 87 point 80 a couple of times. Look. This organization finish since 1926. When you look at things an African American for the squad and knowing. Where this organization to gain and what they had to go through even know we're talking you guys traveled down south and everything back right day. To be a part of that fraternity what does it mean to It means a lot I mean we still have a guy like Caroline and it comes around and it keeps us. You know fresh and get those all those stories about the things that you know they had to go as well as some other guys had to go to so. My responsibility now like you know in the and up a solid team have been on the team long to suffer like is my response to build summation those guys understand you know what we represent that every single night. We go on but the best part of the record that we can't in the kind of cool because. You are putting on a product that you look at the crowd in the space is young and old black white whatever. They see. Talent they don't see. Didn't that's right it did definitely known and I mean I used to mean you look up there you see people of all races he's the key is you see adults and thing about the will try is that you know it's it's pretty universal and there's there's there's there's this thing that people continue to come back because. People like myself we want our kids are set to share some of the same memories that they show when they were younger so they bring their kids our responsibility and animation we've bridged a gap. So it is just on the same members of their parents and grandparents fourteen years and metal went along to well up fungal. Let's see fourteen years I think I got a good another good 56 years and that's it that's about it here. A lob pass and towards and that's in my house that's what it's all about pass that source flight timeline thanks for time progressed thanks for having a right. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. Syracuse head coach Jim bay and I was moved to say after seeing Porter quote I think he's the player of the year in the country he's the best. Player in college there's no question in my mind. I feel there's no question engine bay mine now let's ask our Coach Gary Williams. So your boy may have says he's the best player no question in the country when you look at Otto Porter where is he your landscape. Wednesday I'm in my And a you know may be Jim was influence movement by the fact that Porter just torched them in that game very well we feel like the guys did that to use thus far but. What he's looking that is his versatility and how he's carried the team to me that's always a function of how would require or. If you compare eighteen when the other guys admittedly didn't have a great game against Syracuse yet to win the 35000 people and still win that game. Because Porter was able to make those guys play at a certain level to That's great player he's certainly in the mix for any player of the year talk won a national basis what a great player near them that the end of the ball game. CSN Washington dot com.

  4. Jayson Werth: 'We're arguably the best team in baseball'

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    CSN Washington dot com. When it's all over to take a long time to decompress from all that are you you kind of put it behind you quickly. so long bowden's. You know. You live this sort of fantastic long time. You know I've been fortunate It didn't go to post season have a lot of playing crazy news win or lose and the process that last game and we played probably the ball or worse and worst loss. That you know it's. As you were thought we got just long game Owens. It's. So we'll build on the How important is it to you now that helped this franchise get to that. Next level that these sort of envisioned all along we could get to. Dead. To go. We talked about a of my first side and it was. It was going to be you know. Two years of growing pains in the in the third was going to be here that we. You know really start to turn the corner where. You know I feel like we can turn the corner that first here when David came along and replace a good September and last year you know. Do we do want we'll. We're real close. You know. You get to that next level but. this here where there's a situation world you know from there weren't you know arguably the best in Bristol. So you know essentially were. For over here you know I had and ultimately it was it was one of the big. You know big reason I chose this place and and here we are original figure was you know was a very popular decision at that time and I felt forget about it I feel even better about. CSN Washington dot com.