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Zimmerman happy to share 'face of the franchise' title

Wed, 27 Feb 2013|



CSN Washington dot com just. -- for you having been in this organization since almost the -- arrived in DC how gratifying was last year and how exciting is to look ahead -- where this franchise is going you know I think a lot of us have kind of been through some. Falling to -- times has been doing he's isn't isn't bad I. -- difficult time is difficult frustrating obviously you know when you look across and -- team. He knows -- more talented team in the noon you know on any given night. You have to play perfect based on and they would have to make a couple mistakes for you to win and that's frustrating from the park every day. Kind of knowing that the situation. To go through that interviewer we are now with the talent that we have on this team and obviously it's -- -- young team you know last year was kind of just that. The first step I guess kind of a tip the iceberg and to be able to be a part of -- grow and be here for a long time feel. Very lucky to be in the situation and then you board the face of the franchise tag for a long time -- and now that you've got a lot of other star power on this team where guys who are the top of the game and and have appealed to us. To the fan base. Do you see data all you are you happy to kind of let that spread around a little bit I mean you know -- for a long Thompson the only reason I was ever. I was a point in that and very young age before -- done anything which I think it was a ridiculous but I was born close to DC I went to University of Virginia. I was an undrafted back as their first draft pick and I guess I've grown into it but. It's exciting for me to have more faces of the franchise now because it means I'm not the only decent player on the team. Deep down while his very deep connection this organization of course I mean they gave me a chance when I was young. They broke me up as a twenty year old but they kind of wanna live for and so obviously -- him -- in this organization and the city is obviously. Kind of accepted me for for what I am and you know I think there's a good relationship with everyone and I can be -- here to be here for very long time. CSN Washington dot com.

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    Csnwashington.com. We understand there's some news in the NHL and realignment what can you tell us. Well. Don Fehr the NHL PA. Can send it on their cell NHL PA has agreed to a deal the realignment. Now the board of governors has been finalize this I'm thinking that's going to be a couple of rubber out a good person next season you'll see the cats and the flyers at Devils the Rangers the Islanders the Penguins and the Blue Jackets and the Carolina Americans now it's gonna be some fun hockey next year I'm like yeah I personally like the realignment. CSN Washington dot com.

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    Csnwashington.com. What's the up prognosis for Nubian might be traded. Well there hoping you'll be stated day and the funny thing about this he's supposed to get the start in Philly last week came up blame for that game. So they had a call Phillip are looked pretty good fourteen saves in that game like you said. Shut out hockey so they're getting a look at him now that that thing with this is if he can't play this weekend we'll probably see Drew Barrett get his first start of the inning of his NHL career because. most does not when he is great back to back with games at Long Island and back here against the Rangers so. We will see another goalie besides Braden albeit probably on Saturday. And you're out Davey Davey doesn't get healthy soon prove our could they don't make that decision a little bit easier for George Yeah illness injury and how would you categorize the little concern surrounding Mike greens injuries he's missed almost as many games 89. As he's played 97 over the past three seasons. I think they should be concerned. He came back to this two games of the big concern going into this team games that they were back to back and won here and then in and Mike Green told me before that. Felt fine that he was a 100%. But yet no issues going to into the back to back games but he was injured injured in that second game it's up. And I am concerned I'm concerned I think the pats are concerned about that and that's why we saw these little. Come out for the last game when we might for awhile now and do the right shot. Why did the do you think some have enough talent to make up eight point gap between them in first place Hurricanes. And win the Southeast Division Alan may think so. To be honest that's a benefit that's a big gap that yeah didn't get into the playoffs. Or whether they can win this division eight points a lot when every one of these teams is facing each other in this aborted season so you're you're looking at something that. it's very difficult to find standings. 73 now in their last. And they're still on last place and they're still tied with here so it's going to be tough for them they get. Individually but I do think that they get into the playoffs at this set their sights. That the team is right above them and that's these couple times and they're crazy right now. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com yeah. was lost to Minnesota last night committing 24 turnovers whats more concerning for you Greg and John Wall in his development for a consistent jump shot or is high. High number of turnovers of late. In the short term it's certainly the turnovers because. That can get in the way of them having a above 500 finished now that they're all healthy as far as their record since John has been back. And that's an important element here because they still have something to prove its owner Ted Leo losses for the front office and the coaching staff. That this team is on the right track in the should keep things as it is and bring everybody back. But in the long term John passed to develop. Foot jumper that's as quick as he as high as devastating as he is off the dribble. Until he develops that mid range jumper even with a guy like Bradley field next to him. People are going to be able to lay off for him the paint and dare him to take that shot without repercussion so. As far as future is concerned and the Wizards collectively with him as their point guard. He needs to be able to consistently knock down a shot maybe not from three but certainly from eighteen to twenty feet. For both he and the Wizards to reach their maximum effectiveness. Comcast sports NBA incinerate you Jonas Rick thank you. CSN Washington dot com.

  4. Chris Hanburger challenges Vince Lombardi

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    CSN Washington dot com. Great football player when he when he can ruin it for both film. We all knew it OK because he he came in a little bit late. Because he didn't do all that exercise is that we have to do. Since moved ahead with three we're worried about how much money was making come in and out of North Carolina where every came from. But it if it was just such a great time. and then. Football talking about coach Lombardi. He has told us and a meeting to go around the field three times one of the practice three times before practice. So I used to go out walk around the failed three times. And prior to practice officially beginning he would ride around a little golf cart. And visit the quarterback taking snaps and drop back and things like that and watched the corner kick a few balls and so I'm walking around he pulls up in these. Mr. me because you know what they're by his name more. And that's I guess and how come you just walk around this field. And I said coach in the meeting you tell us we had to go around it. You didn't tell us how to go around. It couldn't he just shook his head got a big grin and they said god I have mellowed. You can and I said but coach Al jog around consider all the other players were jogging around. But I thought why should I Wear myself a cup before practice Mario little know that I challenged him I was just going on what the man Took literally. Well he he was that you know. He he waited. To the right time to do things down on the field okay Lombardi. Nobody ever challenged Lombardi right now and Lombardi says to me it made it he said. You like that Chris I think. Who who who will do what's what's wrong he said. What he yeah. I think for one would you be making run around the field OK he a rookie OK coach said how I'm reviewed saying that. I think yeah because I let them run around the. CSN Washington dot com.