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Fri, 1 Mar 2013|



CSN Washington dot com. -- what's the fun no doubt about that. You know with the injury to Roberts a loss of the playoffs. What have you been able to celebrate the NFC east championship or have you been able to. Well number one you know there's a one team attempted in the year I don't care if you're in the Super Bowl and you know when the Super Bowl. I'm in the Super -- my first three Tigers three losses to monitor your first came in Alaska and there's only one can match happy. Five I felt good about our football team. You know even even against Seattle we -- get up fourteen we can't change 1413 in the fourth quarter and what we're we're driving the football. You know football down the field so we inning we had our chances in that game. Obviously we can get it done. You know I should go for us next year's -- -- -- the right -- but you know we got a nucleus of the right people. How were -- on the football team. We're hungrier for multi. Packages chance of your return miracles. Had a couple moves -- -- the coaching staff that we -- which is to get to know Keith burns. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How many would play. Pro Bowl especially in player value could played linebacker position as well and me isn't good linebacker tough hard nose. But he always did things right away kill his best friend Terrell Davis brought Smith and McCaffery you know. He was a guy that kind of set the tone in the locker. And he's very detailed coach. Can you take a look at his work. If you could reappear -- When he was with him in an interview at saint Wallace guys impress I think people love me a lot of energy. You know Danielle on and he'll see young guy like Keith is the same type of guy. And I'm glad we got a wide receiver position. When you thought. Well we're gonna remain tomorrow -- new England's premier wide receiver coach. You know he's -- for number years and years and he's he's on for a number years here. He knows the position and signed now he deserves the right to have and I really like him. Very bright feel very bright guys that. His earned the opportunity and take advantage of what he has worked so hard to do. Our players really respect them because he knows -- positions so well. He'll do a great job course. Coach I think you you've built a home field advantage last year at FedEx Field and it's a couple of years to get to where you needed to get to with the football program but. Tell me how that helped the team win down the stretch. The fans I thought really turned out in that big time this year obviously performance of the team had a lot to do with it. But from the sideline how important was that motivation for the team. Well number one you know we do have the best fans because you know they support you no matter what I've been surprised my first two years here. We had nothing really to be excited about you people were always you know. And I knew that -- penny and the next thing you're going the right direction we like pulling your hair you're going. And you know it's really hard look people in the eyes and you're not winning because you know you're disappointed can you system from a very high. But you know it's it was. This year when you do have little stretch in there and you can tell how excited the fans are. That we -- very far but we did win the NFC east and but we sent it to me at temple for the future war here people believe indirect or golf or players. Or coaches. We're just gonna keep on bill. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com Rachel first or by. Describe to the viewers just fit the moments leading up to the ovaries and just describe what the city of Boston was like it. Yeah I got in net and a couple might be further and I went to the accident to pick up my number and that's always really exciting as spenders I'm a lot of great GNC. All the different people who learn there are just getting ready. I'm driving ever wearing their shirts ended the reeling me I have it I made stayed at my college which is happening before. They're racing in the morning and she lives by the starting lines there's lots of people coming in and out and just eating and chatting and talking about so happy it's so much cooler than last years and have there which is 9089 degrees that. And it's really just a beautiful start lots of green energy and Dan and look like it was going to be really fantastic and. The race starts. You finished you feel like triumph celebration. Over the training you put into it. Walk us through the events that led up to at the 250 mark of the race when you first heard the explosion. Yeah that you know I had it finished there is am I name's Wayne and got my bag and changed and then masters checking on and I relations and some time know my time. Yeah I was safety hair and and with getting text messages about that I was on the on the get together with them and you know. I can't go at those walking. Toward the start line to cheer on other people who we're finishing and I think that's the greatest part of that. to get to theater and I'm excited and and ran that slant and yet going toward the finish line. I heard. Allowed explosions. Heard in Ireland. And I way. Got out there and tactically. And where are starting to from where it finished out toward where. Luckily you got a chance to call your father right away a lot of fuel didn't get an opportunity because a frantic situation that's going on. What did you see eighty your dad at the time to get a chance talked to. I was terrified and I hung up with my friend and I immediately called my father and I expect that I have no idea what's going on I just heard explosions I'm pretty I was crying on the and I think you need to look on the and Tommy what it is. And then I was completely. Panicked. And I say and just started walking away from them. The and I looked around I thought I mean I was filed a big buildings and not have to just keep walking away from us and I just kept going. Torre. Out outside of the immediate downtown area and it it just out. I mean just you know when did you. Feel like something wasn't right you heard the first explosion and I think fifteen seconds later was the second one was at that second one when you're like OK something's not right he. I think it was the second it sounded like it had been anything that I had heard before learn and it didn't found the car backfiring someone spending he was a transformer. Exploding like that I've heard before and telling Amy could have been but when I saw people running. And looking frantic and ask them. Everyone kind of stopped being looking very perplexed that was probably not we ever in fear of your life. I was very panicked when it happen and I don't know if I was in fear of my Iowa I think I was just so you know. Going I was a little bit in shock I think I am. Was very and I was. Very aware. Began large buildings around me and if these whereupon I think what were they trying to get to get. As far away from this buildings. I think I was more. Panic because I was five I was had not yet met up with friends with me later so I kind of self. I'm trying to get somewhere and that part it's with the scary for me thing I've been in touch with people or where to go or what to do you. Clearly from. Listen to the president and the FBI. This is a terror event the question I think many people wanted to know from people experience it is your marathon runner. Will you do it again and now when you are in public places does this change how you go about your daily life. If they're really. It's a really good question. I I think you know. Part of the thinking part of what I love about running marathons is that anybody can do and it's a gathering I mean this again and Aaron from around the world from across the country. And I am. You know I I You know of course run another marathon and I I would even do Boston again I mean that I just think it's so. Horrific that. It's it's now going to be a place that is. thought of as a target but there's going to be have to increase security act and holiday things when usually. Speculate and in Boston it's a sad day when everybody in the community comes together and you know knowing that workers schooler. Things like that and and you know I am I winning at a I would not run again because I think that would be. Giving in to look at you sure this 2013. Boston Marathon when you put this shirt back on again whenever that is. What is going to be the first thing you think about. You know when I when I put it on today I had read a lot of posts about everyone should Wear their shirt today in honor. Everybody and Bob and in the marathon and that's an injury and you know I usually just use either their regular running sure I don't know it's that really it's a related question but it was nice today even at the aircraft coming over just to see everybody. In there marathon. much more quiet in the heat and it has had been last year and that it was just in the community. I'm feeling that everybody was kind of rally around it. in with this. Yesterday while we saw terror. Tragedy we saw the American spirit once again. Coming to the forefront watching people not just run away people were running towards in helping what would you remember most about what happened yesterday. You know having Adam. Having not know quite is going nine I was really struck by people who and having myself in those moments I was really struck by people who are trying to help. help everyone out I know I was. I'm walking you wonder action there is stamina liking to go find your family it's a family meeting and that's like now. But an and then another group like you're just gonna keep walking with us and tell. We figure out where to go and I went into a restaurant with my phone battery was the people there. I'm in by and they kept the computers. On everything in that that theory you know either. and restaurant wearing you know inviting people to sit with them and you know you know Guinea tees and greens and just constantly checking and then and thought that was really great I thing. And to of course see all of us stories about people who cross the finish line and then when he gave turned right around London and went back and how I thought was really unbelievable. behalf of all of were glad your safe. And we hope this doesn't deter you. From running another marathon especially going back to Boston thanks so much thinking. CSN Washington dot com.

  2. Caps go up two with Erat's first goal with the Capitals

    Tue, 16 Apr 2013

    CSN Washington dot com. You definitely overload to play here from fans was intercepted. On the world confronted outlined that the flyers. OK. Okay yeah under the clocks and even street. Nice little. It comes we'll be coming into this line near the end. You go into the net whether it's the kind of guy that can get lax in. Whose it's. Yeah nice deflection on the backhand. Great when Alex Ovechkin. And its fifth goal of the season. CSN Washington dot com.

  3. Caps take the lead off Jack Hillen slapshot towards crowded net

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    CSN Washington dot com. Seven w.s in a row they've won eleven of the last thirteen at the red. Camaro it's back to the point. CSN Washington dot com.

  4. Ron Thompson on Alex Len's draft status

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    CSN Washington dot com I really like Alex when I love the size of love his agility I love his mobility for someone at 712 to be able to change ends of the court instinctively as he does any ball club would welcome that. He's also the kind of guy that has a really good motor and when you look at post guys. That is a very vital aspect you wanna guy that you don't have to charge up got that you have to pump life into. One negative would have to be consistent consistency on the offensive and when you throw him the ball he's going to have to develop we'll go to move. But in terms of being ready to play in the NBA I think you'll be just fine he's the kind of player that will get time early on in his career because of his agility because of his mobility. He also will have to get an awful lot stronger to play against that this in this in this league but that will come with time that will come with age. He's a willing learner and willing workers well. It's CSN Washington dot com.