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Capitals Net Presence: Ovi, Oates and the franchise's future

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But from the capitals net presence Kellie -- JP and we're joined this week. I missed Brian McNally of the Washington examiner welcome guys -- for having me the break on though lineup today worry me talking Colts. The capitals newest signing -- potty and a little low that's fingers everybody's talking Ovechkin these days. And then it will go to a little bit a hole in time guys bullets there with you Brian because you're around mr. Adam -- it's all the time. Were nineteen games and at what kind of -- coach is -- Kelly more than they think he's communicators he's canoe like get his message across to his players anyway possible. That was his strength and that was what he was brought in to do. I think so far that. You know it's worked out the biggest thing the Alex Ovechkin to right wing. Issue and he's my size that pretty well but it will be back on that. Back in the left wing for a few games with some players maybe not up to standard so. Honestly I think Adam Oates has done a good job. And getting as much as he can here -- first 1920 games. Because lets us know training camp the lockout not much not much chance for him to -- to get off to a hot start this year it's kind of held things together it -- a little bit. -- -- after their win over Carolina coach said that he thinks that this team is about sixty to 70%. There. How confident are you that they're moving in the right direction. I'm and fairly confident that they have things going in the right direction or at least have turned it around early in the season I think it was one step forward two steps back. And now I think there at least one step forward. One step back or maybe even one and a half that sort prayers that back but like Brian is saying unity is a team that didn't have that three season they didn't have training camp. They had seven pre season game schedule if you -- those seven off the nineteen they've played so far. The last dozen games look a lot better I mean record looks better special teams are very good with the exception maybe of that Philly game the other night. And goals against singles or looked -- so I think that things are headed in the right direction I still think that. How much is dealing maybe with and less than ideal. Set of players for what he wants to do is personnel may not match exactly wants to do as a coach. So I think that we did there's reason to be optimistic that things are headed in the right direction. Final. Well the caps have an off day after their double header but the front office still in action Brian. Acquiring -- will potty from Vancouver -- around kids Smart kid what are we expected of him. Potentially wouldn't think they need a ton of guys like this but he's he's a fourth liner I mean that's strictly how Vancouver used him. That he is not a guy that's going to score any goals for you. He's gonna fight he's already got four fights this year to think that matches Matt Hendricks. Who has four as well so little toughness that lineup. Didn't -- almost exclusively neutral zone defensive zone player. For his own starts. So. You know maybe obviously would you look at that as you say George McPhee thinks this lineup needs a little bit of toughness. A little bit of -- I guess that's been missing and he can fill that in that limited role he was reasonably okay that in Vancouver but. Expecting much more from that is it would be when you get. To -- jump right into things or do we expect him up in the press box could question that we're just I think Joey crap kinda had a rough night the other night in Philly in a struggle a little bit I I think he could crack the lineup right away. He's playing regularly in Vancouver played sixteen games so I would imagine he'd be in there. IRA it well at promised COB talk 'cause everybody's talking and that's again. A couple of interesting comments made a Mexican is an up and down this season just like the rest of the team. And at the comments on him all season long have -- high and low as well so a couple little things that about him yesterday JP. Where is about -- as the season. I mean -- first -- think -- the rumor is Mike Milbury comments the other night during the Philadelphia game after two periods and now I'll leave that discussion. The credibility and the delivery of the message. And talk about some underlying points for that which I thought or were valid regarding events in the Dallas have. Last a lot of the context which is that he had a very good February. His shots per game. Who is you're five shots per game for February I mean it -- a pace that would lead the league. Right now we actually. Going into Thursday night games and was league leaders in shots and also. I think that his transition to the right wing you know he's played well he drew a lot of penalties against that it doubles in the past couple games. And having said -- against the -- so. You know fur as shallow as -- be back talking is after Patrick I think it's probably equally -- -- based on forty minute. And it's the game against the word -- entire team played terribly. That set I think you know obviously. Did that goal right now is to get the most. About to match from the huge news and the path. But he can still be an effective player and through most of February I think you saw that he was so. I think that his game is rounding into where it needs to be it needs to be more consistent. In terms. The effort and focus and completeness of the game but I think you know. I I don't think that the cats are dissatisfied necessarily. Which. Brian what do you see you know that's in this season and how do you assess his transition to the right wing. Lot of what JP said I think he's is spot on I mean and Mike Milbury doesn't do new line so we don't get nuance from. From some of those comments let you know the game against New Jersey the other day and the first game against New Jersey. He was brilliant and he didn't have a point you know he drew penalties though his physical all the stuff that they complained about yesterday and the on the broadcast was there. So in that respect I think he's on the right track will he be the the guy that is living up to every dinner that night and have ten million dollar contract. Probably not I think you know those days of fifty goals and all that stuff for -- in the past but. Doesn't mean can be effective player doesn't mean can't be a star player. You know I think as he gets more time in the system more time on right wing. That there's no reason at age when he seven he can't still be. A dominant NHL player. Okay this team where wants to go but. You know sometimes I think the expectations and and the bar's set beyond what a lot of superstars. -- -- will get. -- buddies over at six unbelievable. Wanna know about -- and if Brian. He's the French school -- He's still got to prove that I mean he certainly could be is he a top five goalie to get that kind of ceiling I'm not sure about that I mean that's. Definitely remains to be seen but you have to like what you've seen so far I mean in. Limited NHL duty he is done about as close to -- he can expect from. Fourth round draft pick who they were you know hopeful could turn into something and you know. Michael Moore I think he's outplayed Michael Moore -- I think that's fair to say JPM in you know so in that respect he's the franchise goalie. Whether he is a franchise goalie among you know among the best in the league. He's still got to prove that that's that's something that help get the next year's soda. Do determined. Yeah I mean the jury's still very much out on how good he can be heard every shot out he's had he's had a complete showing it seems you know you do. There's been some might. Minimal a middle ground for this guy so apartment it's those so early in his. In his career. Any everything got the new -- he obviously has the faith of the coaching staff and the organization right now. And so he's got the longer leash there and can run with him as long as he can do it. And so I think that for right now he looks like their future. And net but of course. You know how far behind is -- -- -- They say great things about him in Hershey and I was so brief bit of it. Thursday night or Wednesday night. -- so. You know I think that Michael my Everett Scott the a little bit concerned about his spot and needs to work and get back. In there and play well as get back in there. Right now it's in that they. At least to me you can do some noise in the system I hope he's on top of. -- -- I want to ask you where you think Michael river fits into things now because it seems like you said JP. That hoping he has you know the backing of the court coaching staff and everything. No -- -- had his opportunities at a time when nobody was playing defense in front of him. And so -- -- he also struggled and that once we saw the team pick it up and he even says that. It's not just him playing better if everyone playing better in front of him. So where does that leave -- -- Well you you wondered what you can say in order to get squeezed out a little -- which group are coming -- they really like they think he's got that. The mental side of the game very similar to hold him very calm collected maybe not hold him more actually late in -- But you know his numbers are there in the minors and they're going to wanna see what they have in them. My delivered next and he gets the opportunity whenever that is maybe -- -- Saturday when effect he's got to take advantage of it I mean he's a year ahead of hope be. You really can't afford to pass those things that. And so far we've seen good play from him obviously -- the playoff -- few years ago. We haven't seen enough and you can kind of get priced out you know -- the cheaper option that they feel is better in -- -- coming in next year. You know it's an obvious trade scenario you know after the season so. He's he's under the gun a little bit I think. Wanna be next and there's no longer goalie question here in Washington. Think again our guys I want to thank you for joining me on capitals net presence I don't think you guys for watching at home for -- he. And mr. Brian McNally and I'm Kelly Kelly and good night. CSN Washington dot com.

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    But for the capitals net presence Kellie JP and this week like to welcome mr. Al Coke into the welcome Johnson. Figueroa is going to marry this week we will be talking at the three nothing shutout in Winnipeg it recapping that little bit lessons learned from that. And we'll get into trade deadline never too early for that And finally we'll wrap it up with a playoff predictions and or whether or not which you talking about the playoffs but let's get into the Winnipeg game at 30 shutout after a kind of dismal showing against Philly Al what are the lessons that we can learn our what did you see there that they didn't show in Philadelphia. I'm just very impressed that your restraint when you were dismal because it was a lot worse than dismal against the Philadelphia Flyers. The the problem having with his his. What are we seen they have been playing some good games than they have so we had a horse show against the Philadelphia Flyers. And rebounded against Winnipeg so. How we've seen a team that still trying to struggle to find themselves what we've seen a team that pretty much knows what they are. But just when they get against better teams in certain situations don't have enough to compete. The Winnipeg game if you look at. What Winnipeg was doing Winnipeg was record and the fact that it was on the road where the caps have been less than stellar may have been their best performance of the season so. Now you'll find out. Against the Boston Bruins do you carry that over to a true. Powerhouse in the in the NHL and the Eastern Conference and JPD give them any sort of pass seeing as it was you know back to back game when we went into Philly. I mean this start in Philly is terrible and is over you know quick and you know whatever the reason he's top to bottom terrible effort even though. When players talk about. Was different for me. They from. But back to the Winnipeg game you know you saw them play. But I think is as good road team as adamant as you get this team right now I saw them you know the shot differential in the first period was. Heavily in Winnipeg table where he's not a it was a lot of chasing. Taking the crowd out of it I think whatever they did. If it's slow things down and they weathered the storm for counterpunch in the second period that's exactly what happened that's not what happened at Philadelphia. Is that probably the game plan there too and it just didn't happen. And so. You end up with good game a good wind like Al said probably there. Best win of the season so far has their wins have come against mostly dregs of the Eastern Conference. And you know excluding themselves. Yeah but one of the things that really kind of stands out about these two games in particular that we're talking about is. For all of they hue and cry over the fact that the caps. Elite players aren't scoring enough goals consider consider. It's not the offensive told this team back particularly with the way this power play is working. It's all about the defensive end. And even though we think about at a moments because of his great offensive skills as a player. He comes in as a coach trying to change the defensive mindset. a much different way dale hunter tried to approach it last year and when you see the zone coverage against Philadelphia compared to the zone coverage against Winnipeg Jets. You're coming in the. On Sunday the Bruins still have played two less games the capitals. But they have scored one less goal in Washington the difference was they had given up I think sixteen goals. Then the Washington Capitals and that is I think where Adam challenge. Still remains the most. Did detailed and how this team functions beyond that JP to me determines where where you evaluate this team moving forward already. On part of that that discussion is the personnel. On the Blue Line and frankly it's. It's not. Where Adam most of like it to be I don't think I he had John Carlson and there were. You know they are what they are quite good John playing out of his mind right now you have contract has stepped up. But he's you know career a today. The back and defense core is very slow footed not very good at moving the puck. And those are two things that that Adam Oates wants to emphasize with my screen out to you are a lot about. The personnel on the back is is not where it needs to be. See you can do you need your goalie coming up real big is pray and hope he has into last three games. Real quick before we leave this topic this discussion of defense. Eleven physical Colts that he was struggling at the beginning with you know over thinking things out there maybe and not necessarily doing things by muscle memory and now he feels like it's becoming. Less that he's thinking about where he needs to be what he needs to be doing. But it's becoming natural to you get the sense that that's going on as well. Yeah I definitely see that and and one of the things that that Bears remembered as last year that combination of on balls Carlson. Weren't particularly good during the regular season until the end and then by the end and particularly in the post season. I'll wager to say that there were no defense pairings better there may be just a few just as good. But during that New York series and that Boston series all Carlson were shut down guys so maybe it is going to take these guys a little time to adapt. But I still go back to the idea that. As we put a lot of focus on the defense and goaltending. There's still has some problems up front when it comes to. Turnovers and where do you need to be on that transition game and right now there are a lot of guys who still seem to be lost. When it comes of that inning and because of it what you saw against Winnipeg is the best example. Hit a good offense or at least it neutralizes offense is their best defense. I looked good in this trade deadline time that I promised we're about a month away from the trade deadline let's break this down in two with three different scenarios if the caps are buyers Al. Who are they looking to You'd have to anticipate that the decision on what they do I think is going to be predicated a lot. Not only on just where they are in the standings because I still think they'll be that mathematical range where you would want to do something. But they've got to make that determination can they get anything this year. Potter books like if not they're going to have to think about Left Winger in particular a guy who obviously then could play on one of their top two lines because that right now seems to be. They don't. The game too sure who's up there on that first line on the left wing side. there was in we've seen other guys there and that's the spot that's crying out for Brooks like. And they can use that left hand shot to on the power play as well you saw that goal back and scored against Philadelphia. That's a rarity to see a left hand shot in there in that slot and that was a position that you knew Adam was thinking about like on. And without him that's been impressive at their power play has been as good that to me is the determination before you decide. Who to trade that's the spot you gotta figure out where you can get anything out of. certainly. You know you look at the skill deficit on this team and it's it's pretty much in the top six win. Top six wings and then on the back into the Blue Line I think that you wanna add some guys who could. Escape with the puck and move the puck and that's you know that's one of the reasons you saw them bring in. Jack a little bit of desperation move. Wish my. You know sort of like wool ski fair injury crap we're you know airfares worked out but the other guys maybe not as much. That you want a little more skill and your top six wings and obviously back comes either be Brooks like coming back. Or trade. And then on the back end of the Blue Line you know and I don't think those guys grow on trees either so you know that you're gonna have to give something to get something and we'll see if there have a position where that makes sense. A guy you mentioned earlier to Ichiro off could be the answer what you're talking about on the back him. But I don't think Marcus Johansson is the answer when he gets healthy to take over Brooks like. I still don't want to see the caps give up on Marcus Johansson until you answer one question. Could he be your ideal third line center I think that is his. Absolute perfect position and I think they're doing a little bit of an injustice and Marcus Johansson. By playing him on the wing he's not a Winger he is a center and I think he could be a dynamite third line center. But Mathieu fill that role very nicely and that then starts to roll the dice on. Who do you trade if you want to do something. She lives in Washington dot com.

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    I. It's no secret since the all star break the last six games John Wall has struggled mightily from the field shooting 32%. And turning the basketball over but on Sunday John redeemed himself especially down the stretch on the final six points. And blocking Evan Turner shot as the Wizards snapped their two game losing skid. Home run was tough in this week to get your best you know tournaments or shut down there and you lose or give some cause for game so. To show I didn't cover zone in good today and I just take it and take our kids. The things especially. Since before congress before problem and we'll try to get to the basket and shoot offense. It just shows and he's still growing up throughout the and and taken Konerko it. Not all the news was good for Washington to 08 left in the fourth quarter Bradley deal goes down hard with an ankle injury. He couldn't put any weight on it and was carried off the court into the training room. Luckily for The injury wasn't as serious as first thought. Those houses those and is concerned first and really couldn't move through our couldn't really feel it so. Just so I guess that's what happens the views and When minimizes Colombo plays on the numbers would have the team if you want to. So when he's playing there first you don't know what it is and you know in these. Communities think. The worse for it. Here to find out it was his ankle More news on the injury front Nene was able to return after missing the last two games with a right shoulder strain and gave Randy some quality minutes 34 of them to go along with fifteen points. And nine rebounds. Wizards are on the road the rest of the week at Minnesota and then the Brooklyn nets on Friday. At the Verizon Center Chris Miller CSN Washington.