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Joe Harris key in Cavs' win over Duke



CSN Washington dot com. Before Thursday's game had -- Mike -- Chatzky said Joseph Harris was one of the better players. In the country saying he reminded him a former Duke guard Kyle Singler because of its tough next. And just just got to see Pierce's toughness first handedly put up 36 points on the Duke blue doubles. The most points for a single player in the ACC this season suggest he had this to say about Harris. After the game it. Harris was fantastic which. We knew he would be you know he's just -- the best players in the country. It's in the bathroom. The coach that. You know I -- day you know growing up in news somebody who has probably the greatest coach in the basketball or one of them at least. We'll enormity -- Padilla. You know overall. A team effort tonight. -- -- -- -- Touchdowns. Great game defense we too are -- I found out with. Giambi really help anchor as deep as we choose who's been before we got out you know I talked about David and Goliath you know he said David went to the fight. You know and it doesn't do much of. My game -- him. Who cited for the simple things seeing. I just want them to pursue quality of pursue excellence and not. Not get too high not get too -- enjoy the moment which I think they did certainly. And let him have that fun and just keep playing good basketball that's that's the joy for me. So with this win over Duke Virginia gets just -- tournament resume -- they'd been looking for their previous two best wins this season were over North Carolina. And NC state Duke. Ranks first in RPI -- seems to me it's just the doctor ordered. As tournament time grows near. In Charlottesville on the cold air and CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.



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