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  1. JR Smith0:22
  2. Anthony Wall0:13
  3. Knicks0:35, 1:14
  4. Wizards0:51
  5. Mercury0:46
  6. Washington1:55
  7. New York0:41
  8. free throw line1:47
Fri, 1 Mar 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

Csnwashington.com. All hoping mark fares better than February when he averaged just over four turnover of the game for the month. Starts out strong the first -- blocks guerrilla Anthony Wall behind Bradley feel for the jumpers three early assists from wall. With a Ford victory since all ball moving their own Anthony and JR Smith for the watched -- -- -- after one. Second quarter now wall doing it by himself I mean the way. Wie is back on top ways and to have fun for the Knicks rather on fire under a minute left it's -- from way downtown apartment nine nothing -- to finish the half. New York racquet before 48 at the break back -- the way you walk. To be. For Mercury. Feel once the kind of -- up four after three big spot for the Wizards up to. He goes in for the lay out wall blocked it from out of nowhere but they -- goaltending. -- gets speed up for showing up the rest. That is they had it -- way. Now. Not that. Proved to be a turning point and it's up to relay champion to backbreaking three. Knicks were in 9688. The way is dropped their second straight game you. Guys. Battle. You know. I don't have a complaint with that we states. Pretty much for us. What we wanted to do and did we've tried to do our best job Booth you know. Just seem like this story and we missed two free throws you know -- just thought the combination of things that. You know you for us we get -- Better veteran free throw line a close game like and then take care of the ball down crunch time. CSN Washington dot com yeah.

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