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CSN Washington dot com. This game was built as a rematch of the 2011 final four semi final. And one featuring two of the best young coaches in college basketball so we expected this matchup to go to the final seconds. Instead what we got was a VCU blow out with the Rams winning by 32. And hitting Brad Stevens the worst loss of his head coaching career. Mean nobody's coming in here today and winning so we didn't play well enough to even make -- games that's a whole another story that. In the -- countries probably come here. You know I don't put a lot of stock into -- and the number we won by. But it was a good team make no mistake about it and you know they they obviously have won some huge games this year and they're gonna continue to win big games. Today was just our day I was treatment that I we did tonight every. Good. You know wouldn't -- what would you say tonight with a tiebreaker. If we can keep done today adversity and we do about it belongs to stay together I think we can do things. -- our guys did a good job following the plan we talked about having one plan one goal. From in this game and nothing else should matter. And the you know we can ticked off to listen to at least for today. They have their compass said. VCU has now guaranteed themselves at least a top four seed in the upcoming conference tournament but with this victory they are still very much in contention for the number one seed trailing Saint Louis by a single game. In the Atlantic tends to an ex. In Richmond Michael Jenkins CSN Washington. CSN Washington dot com.



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