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Csnwashington.com. Right back to the capitals with an all important additional -- -- the Jets -- one game after letting had four goals and getting -- great helping with -- -- starts. Stopping all nineteen shots he faced in the first tonight he's -- -- Still -- four in the seconds Matthew -- around comes up with the -- In his shot we'll it goes right and -- -- -- -- wide open net that allowed Andrei Pavel let denies that -- blogs say. Just Robinson at its first goal of the year always do is yet to snapped. Hitting -- plus the wind is blocked by Blake Wheeler. And he goes down the play continues burst in with a great cross ice pass to Mike Ribeiro and he had not convinced that deflection in the net. Captain up one nothing. Under three to play in the period brand but they fired the puck towards the -- it goes off Jeff holds the eighth and that is off the post. Hope we are lucky enough to have this field under his pads things. The pace of play -- shot deflected and -- -- just over a twelve round we'll take it caps a two nothing. Less than a minute later Alex Ovechkin who storms on -- shots they've got Rivera knocks in the rebound. That's his seventh goal this season the capitals labeling for the Jets the reason the Mavericks. CSN Washington dot com.



  1. Mike Ribeiro0:44
  2. Andrei Pavel0:28
  3. Alex Ovechkin1:11
  4. Blake Wheeler0:39
  5. Jets0:07, 1:18
  6. Mavericks1:19
  7. Washington1:23
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