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Chick Hernandez talks Georgetown with Gary Williams

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CSN Washington dot com spot here with our Coach Gary Williams arts reporter third straight week as big east player of the week. They get ten straight wins as they get now close to conference tournament time do you go to him if you're his coach John Thompson the third and say. Let's take a little bit easier as you get down the stretch let's rest a little bit what do you tell a guy who you know the spotlight is our focus on him. Well I I don't think in a position to John Thompson can really sabre when a restaurant like that. I think they talk quite a bit all during the season and it's just about. You don't just get ready for this defense because they're really gonna look at you are you might have to give it up the first couple times you touch it for you to get double team. What you do that the defense kind of goes back to where they're supposed to veto would take more -- the start of the game but they gradually relax a great thing with that Dicey in quarters so far. His ability to adjust to whatever the defense is doing like what he did in the overtime against Connecticut just recently -- few players have that ability. And that's why he's been part of the week the last three weeks. ACC player of the week is Ryan Kelly from Duke. Missed seven weeks coach comes back 36 points career -- how does he change would do can do personal which it would help guys out -- -- match -- where -- -- -- 36 but. What he does for Duke is really us. It expands the court for the office but the words calmly and so I will now have easier looks but you can't double team him he can't leave Kelly obviously often the three point line. -- -- -- really benefit -- cook will be able to penetrate with the basketball a lot easier because kell always made it can't play in the way he has to stay out more and Kelly. So it really helps their offense in a lot of different ways and last question exactly Indiana Duke Kansas -- down one through five. How much emphasis of the head coach you put on winning your conference term. What you get I don't think you can tell players to go three quarters Peter told teams have you know we've got to be careful when you run your play so you just play. And then if you get -- like in 2002 we got -- -- -- -- BC tournament for turned out to be a blessing because we had a couple guys who sprained ankles things like that. And they healed by the time the NCAA tournament started so all those teams you mentioned the -- and a great position where they don't have to win their conference tournament. And hopefully they just go play if they win it great if not. It won't change your -- that much or anything else that's a nice position to be and that's the coach fairways. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com personally. Does that game winner he was done. It before. When we go on the Snooki told me to if you got the puck to school through the middle Stephen who's gonna find me. So he gave it to me and they're there right off but against me so I kind of chipped it behind them and and I just try to chase pucks down and improve over the to a shoulder. Now one of those moments you realize. I'll be darned he Tillman to do this and here we go. Yeah I mean there is we're kind of at the end of the shift us thinking we're changing and I saw he got possession on its a failure I do one last try we've tried to regroup a few times and it didn't work for it. Not listen to him in made a nice pass and it all worked out. What does a win like this do for your guys' confidence to be able to come back against a team like the Bruins and be down three nothing. I think it helps us lost so do you we're slowly gaining confidence is the season goes on and on the players served believing in the system we believe in each other and we we didn't feel like we're down there when it was three nothing we just wanted to continue to play our game and five on five I think we've done a great job of really wearing teams down and com China and especially team chances we were in the box a lot tonight which which makes a big difference first and seems like cart one on this one does it feel like axiom. We did everything we had tonight for sure. Mean when you start to come back. No one falls short you put so much energy into you wanna make sure you get some points sort of written. No luckily for us we got two big runs and we consider climbing the standings are here. CSN Washington dot com.