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  2. London Fletcher1:35
  3. Chris Baker4:48
  4. Mike Shanahan1:39, 3:55
  5. Santana Moss2:29
  6. Robert Griffin3:30, 3:53
  7. signing bonus2:53, 5:14
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Tue, 5 Mar 2013|



CSN Washington dot com. There yesterday had a great great opportunity to sit down with view -- park in chick. Actually had a -- with you guys have talked about the Redskins and everybody's got their own little crystal ball what's gonna happen and you have all the numbers. Figured out you can check up the numbers CSN Washington dot com so. We're now. A week closer since we last talked to has anything to. You know probably things have changed in this building around us but nothing has has has gotten out about what. About what they might do. I'm sure they have plan a plan B plan C depending on if they can. You know maybe still pull out pull off a -- Marion and get some of this the salary cap money that the league. Unjustly took -- I think I think most would say yes and -- -- ready get ready excusing his young people are egg on Twitter all the time why have they done anything my -- done anything. You know there's really -- to realize how important don't release a player. You send an email. You know restructured contract he sent -- -- I mean it's not. Now some in real time consuming and so there's no point in. If there's any small chance of getting some some salary cap relief and -- with a different plan and not having to -- somebody or not I haven't pushed. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Are a couple specific questions for rich in any got to go to CSN Washington dot com and check his stuff out of me it is in depth that's all the money. Anton has really wasted a free agency coming up next week London Fletcher. -- last week and we it was a exclusive interview about the way Charlie with the coach Mike Shanahan on what some of the other exclusive interviews here around town we were the only wants to talk to. -- some pretty curtains. You like those orange curtains -- this way yeah. So but he talked about -- -- Fletcher now what are find out here because you would think that if we don't find out soon. It would be to the detriment of the organization. Yeah I think you almost have to find out what that. With this cap number about six million dollars you don't think you have to find out before free agency starts to deal -- with the money -- -- You know that does can make can be a big difference about a 3.4 million dollar cap savings are not that can be difference between keeping Fred Davis -- Keeping the render -- -- around sooner or not so. You know I think I think is you know pretty much I think by next Monday I think they need to to get the yes or no from from London. Santana Moss -- name has been mentioned quite a bit about the only goes brought it up and everybody knows his history led the team. Touchdowns as a receiver this year carries a big cap number or could that be were negotiated. It could go out it makes a bit different is in the last year of his contract so that kind of makes it hard to do a traditional. You know -- wouldn't converting so. Salary to signing bonus type of thing he could take less money. They could maybe you know -- -- contract trick at a couple of portable years on the and that kind of in lower his cap number this year. -- or it's you know it's I wouldn't rule out him you know not being with the team on its hard to you know is going to be 34 years old next year. And maybe you say -- able you know he's not good he's not going to be the guy furious that next super ball. So you know let's let's get things get somebody else and -- and getting going and save them money and give Santana good handshake and say thanks. What I haven't talked about at all and obviously the injured Robert Griffin the third hasn't been the focus over the last couple of weeks because of free agency continues. To rehab and show that improvement we know it's gonna make. But your third quarterback. You don't have a third quarterback in reality it if it had been a normal year with the Redskins had money what they have already resigned Rex Grossman. I don't know what I'd say if have been normal year with without a knee injured Robert Griffin the third they might go to Mike Shanahan likes to go with two quarterback traditionally. You know so he probably just go rip coming cousins but obviously with Griffin's -- situation. They're gonna wanna third I think that probably will end up being Rex Grossman. Simply because in 2014. They're not gonna wanna carry third quarterback. So why didn't somebody get them learn the system give him wraps everything like that. To get taught everything was probably only going to be around for a year anyway you might as well just keep -- for a year. He knows the system Robert trust him as far as taking advice Kirk trust him as far as getting advice from them. And you know let him you know let him do this year and then then look at situation again a year from now. Menace so much to consider -- and eat it got these restricted free agents we showed a list yesterday we had -- restricted restricted we really talked about just about everybody but this group of restricted free agents. Players -- -- young Logan Paulsen Chris Baker among those. What happens to them. That rob Jackson don't know for him if that -- along yeah yeah yeah the ice I think well what you got to try to do because you know if if you. Put that put it tender on him that's one point three million dollars in the salt cap room -- three -- mean eaten up right there so you wanna give them. Which wonders try to didn't sign for two or three years. You know was something whether whether it was and with the signing bonus in there to kind of smooth out the smooth out the -- itself I guess what they're trying to do it I would think they're trying to do with all these guys I think they have until. -- we have to Monday maybe even to maybe in the free agency deadline -- to put it tender on somebody's cell. I think that's what they wanna wait till last minute see if they can renegotiate something before playing this tenders to these to these players. And the clock is ticking no doubt about thank you rich appreciated and I go home and start shovel okay. -- CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. Mark seen it from the daily record Harrisonburg Virginia joins us now he is the Jaime beat reporter he broke the story on sorry mark thanks for joining us. Coach Brady come to this conclusion go and steadily. But I think Brady realized that you know what going but he is only charged with two misdemeanors right now which you know is this. this happened in August it would be a complete non story. If this even happen in October personal story you know it being suspended. Per game or a stupid decision. But the you know he was arrested on selection Sunday he became a national story about right poker reporter that. On a computer it felt like that these something and you know they didn't aren't potentially take away go in the last game career because he's been you know. Be an attitude. He's got a good conduct our career here you'd be replicated for Cutler relatively nothing really turned elect brown. You know he's never Raiders they get their current record dumb decision that the up what are that it felt like they need to be something heroic but how. Game suspension. You know at least they're punishing but but still don't get. Great people that you ending batted down in the zone for a period. Get timing is definitely unfortunate that is for sure has been able to talk to the team. About this incidence. You know know it it's something that you know it deflected most questions about the government situation. And I would assume bit. You know he's he didn't want to make this. That that the story heading into the game these guys have not been to the term at nineteen years. And that kind of a story that Brady will become. The big for that you know you have an opportunity here at the plate perjury and you which has been in the tournament in 1994. Pay anything to go it would be a distraction. I'm sure he'll address on the on the team buster. Actually leaving about right now yeah probably occur quickly but I don't think it's going to be a main point. You know it has been a pregame talk. I thank you very much we appreciate your time appreciate your time break in the story here Selig. CSN Washington dot com.

  2. How will RGIII's absence from offseason drills affect the Skins?

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    So now exactly 175. Days from the start of the NFL season the perfect time to bring in our Redskins insider tar heel this year. Mike Shanahan is not a very optimistic about his overall quarterback situation but what pitfalls might there be the from not practicing during the off season. You know getting all the is going to be great perk under development but not so much for RD three let Beckett off speed a little bit but didn't quarterback even want to pick up their rookie years. No I think guard he's still need to work on your he'll put his reads defense is down packed things. You know he doesn't have the opportunity opportunity to do that here that aren't afraid to get the early now. So let's go with it spiteful some of his development I mean fourteen to fifteen practices that many he's not gonna happen. Understand you've also got some. News regarding the Redskins roster that has taken place recently when you have course. That's right right tackle Tyler kilometer. I'd respond to a club or two year I spoke to Muller today incorrectly I think it he went to Jacksonville on Thursday and also offers two year deal free But he decided to come back to the Redskins because he said he did did he feels like to get the best opportunity to succeed. But I know a lot of people Hollywood and it's the white bloodlines so he's got Duke and Jeremy Trueblood itself to me like they're signings that are pro probably going to be battling for backup. Odd I can't Columbus and currently. Roger Goodell now says the league will not yield on the Redskins salary cap penalty. Are you surprised at all by that. I'm not call it grit in the might have been the only people on earth who thought they were gonna recoup some of that 36 million dollar penalty. Yeah out of no no longer any doubt final mail back off and now everyone can just dobbs prepare for what to look in the future movies accordingly. Can you put a perspective how much this. A seventeen million dollars in cap penalties has affected this year's team. You know it had a significant impact. I look at what we report took part ways with the annual all and they were able to resign but repeatedly Lorenzo Alexander. I believe signed with the Cardinals thank you look at the deal he signed up there three million dollar guarantee nine point five over three years. You know don't trombone in what type of player that really do well reiterated. The Redskins really want to keep beating so hard and all the special teams and I feel they hit it to limit fed but multiple but I don't think it. They simply could not back because the OP didn't allow them the money credit to give it out and our people. That's our Redskins insider tar heel this year thank you chart.

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    CSN Washington dot com and and again today. With Steve. My with and my the mind and Alexa is gonna get the only pin. My god grants that quickly gets a couple of shots. He just backs away from Lexington into the box. Thankfully just two for Steve not mission accomplished yeah. Of the supreme pass around. On the NHL. CSN Washington dot com.

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    CSN Washington dot com. Slams at the lake the end. No I think he's. Capitals celebrate he defeated since the era. It is two or three different ball what that first to the particulars of the season. He's such a great guy. Great he made a great team guy high fives all around great effort. They're elaborate at all it's time for the empty net but that prevailed over the Buffalo Sabres that. This home win five victory. CSN Washington dot com.