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Beltway Baseball: A boring spring training?



  1. Ryan Zimmerman2:13
  2. World Baseball Classic1:45
  3. Henry Rodriguez3:26, 3:40
  4. Danny Espinosa2:14
  5. NASCAR0:24
  6. lefty specialists3:52
  7. left hander4:11
  8. spring training1:43, 1:57, 3:06
  9. roster spot1:02
  10. minor league4:00
Tue, 5 Mar 2013|

Machine Generated Transcript

CSN Washington dot com. Well welcome the CSN Washington dot com in no -- baseball on chase he's your post alongside. Hands market and Letterman just back from here at Florida. See in the NASCAR first person kind of look at them mark are kind of with you the other day were talking about doing the show and you said that. You expected perhaps it to be kind of exciting down there at the best record in baseball coming into this season with a lot of expectations. But in reality is quite the opposite wasn't. Yeah it's actually surprisingly boring -- -- in which you wouldn't necessarily expect for team has such high. Aspirations when they will say is that I think it tends to disappear over the next few days if snowstorm right right underneath go back down there and we got it going again. What what you have and there are a lot teams can say this is -- camp in which pretty much every roster spot this. -- -- one job in the bullpen programs. You've got no major injuries that they're concerned about you've got. No major competitions. For starting jobs they know who five starters are and -- guys are. And it really hasn't been much drama I think the one thing that had the potential to be something big was GO Gonzales and his actually the Genesis clinic and that really was -- pretty quickly both by. GO coming out saying we had to say in the game tonight on that little bits -- it along the way it seem distance honoree from. Hasn't turned them so. I think it's actually good -- for the nationals because it's all business down there that trying to prepare for the season -- long spring training is here because of the World Baseball Classic. They're kind of focused on getting everybody ready for April 1. -- and kind of drama that a lot of other teams that consider themselves contenders are doing. Right this has to be the way that they would prefer -- and you mentioned along spring training I think we're just nearing the halfway point it's kind of unbelievable. But there are somewhat important topics to get through -- said we're kind of looking at this team the microscope and find something. Other for first of all there's a few guys coming back from us either injuries or surgeries. Ryan Zimmerman with a shoulder Danny Espinosa with a shoulder Wilson Ramos with any of those guys look kind of you know few months later in the league -- -- Start top most important that grinds -- obviously and we've only seen a little bit of him. To this point because he hasn't played third base in the game and it very long very slowly strictly for -- purposes you can. And he's healthy he had surgery was arthroscopic. This is more artistic progression of building his arm back up and working on. Kind of rediscovered his old mechanics. They had you know made several years ago when he's not gonna have to do that awkward. Stages you know every fan was on the edge of their -- exactly so -- trying to get some more just -- natural. Throw it over the top and what I've seen so far and I work out has been very impressive. He's getting close to that point -- racing against -- offensively I don't think there's any problem at all he's always been guys didn't get a lot of at bats in spring training anyways. We saw what he did last year when he was hurt. Think about what you could do offensively if he's healthy offseason. Now this is a well put together team arguments in -- might just one job that's really. Legitimately up for grabs and that that's in the bullpen -- about the sale today saying that it's only kind of become an issue because of injury. Without Christian Garcia Henry Rodriguez uncle Campbell's in there and perhaps Fernando Ahmad what what do you make of that situation how you think it might -- yeah. I mean he came into camp it's -- is maybe one spot that was up for grabs but even that. You kind of figured okay Henry Rodriguez probably has the leg up on any given his history and and the fact he's out of options. And if not in Christian Garcia with a -- they would look at given what we saw from last year and an eagle break. As -- that lefty specialists that they don't really happen this year that you thought okay. If he's healthy he could be the -- well. They're always they're hurt or brain was sent down to minor league camp until -- sudden. It's wide open and you mentioning that I don't think anybody here even consider I certainly didn't I'm still learning. A lot of out of his Fernando -- He's a left hander he is an Astros organization the last couple years the numbers don't blow you away when you look at it and he's got a good arm. He's been impressive in camp for what they've seen for a long way to go still but if they feel like it's important to have. That lefty specialist this just might be the guy. CSN Washington dot com.

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